Jenny Robson

Jenny Robson lives in Maun, Botswana where she works as a music teacher. She has had several youth novels published. Jenny has won both national and international acclaim. She has been awarded the Sanlam Youth Literature Prize five times and was given the UNESCO Prize for Youth Literature in the Service of Tolerance.

Jenny began writing many years ago, after fighting her way to the other side of a highly traumatic personal experience. Wanting to learn more about the art of writing, she took a course with a well-established college. Her tutor was not impressed with her work and told her she should give up and try another ‘hobby’. She ignored his advice, continuing to believe in her dream. After a few more years of struggle and rejection, she began to achieve success.

And so her advice to young writers is: “Don’t let anyone discourage you! If you feel the urge to write deep inside you, then give it all you have. It may take hard work and struggle, but it is worth it. There is so much fun and joy to be had along the way!”

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