A Londoner of Ghanaian origin, Frances Mensah Williams is the author of the FROM PASTA TO PIGFOOT romance series. Selected by WH Smith as one of the top 25 of its 100 Summer Reads, FROM PASTA TO PIGFOOT explores contemporary middle-class Africa and the humorous clash of cultures arising from mixing English cream with African spice.

If you enjoy contemporary romantic fiction with diverse settings and featuring smart, strong-willed women of colour dealing with themes of substance – think love, guilt, race, belonging, identity and the challenges of clashing cultures – and written in a humorous and accessible style, you’ll love Frances’s books!

With one foot in each cultural camp, Frances writes novels set in both London and contemporary Ghana, where the stories play out against a backdrop of locations ranging from high-rise office buildings to modern shopping malls, pristine beaches, night clubs, art galleries and restaurants.

An award-winning entrepreneur and Executive Coach, Frances has also written two non-fiction careers books.

Contact Frances via Twitter – @FrancesMensahW- or Facebook – /francesmensahwilliams – or Instagram – francesmensahw

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