Emma Ofosua is a Ghanaian born and raised Creative Entrepreneur and Founder of Tuniq Africa (a multi-faceted business and producers of Mashké). She has over 50 written poems and freestyled numerous spoken-word poetry with “To Every Woman” and “When a boy calls you beautiful” as flagship pieces.

  • I Wish You Courage In The Night Season

    I Wish You Courage In The Night Season is a memoire-like poetry collection. This debut book pores over the pain and confusion caused by identity crisis, fear of fear, and insecurities in a relatable, practical way. The compilation manages to capture the very essence of our human existence.

    It also attempts to provide some insight into some of life’s quintessential paradoxes:

    What is the meaning of life? Why death? Why racism? Why domestic violence? Why does seemingly unconditional love become conditional, and many more.

    It also includes, self development tools that are guaranteed to help readers in overcoming their own storms.

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