Dylan Daitey Antonio

The author, Dylan Daitey Antonio was born on 15th January 2000. Having been diagnosed from age 6 with a severe form of epileptic seizures, his strength of character coupled with his mother’s relentless pursuit of good education has seen him excel into a very accomplished author of children’s books.

Due to a lack of an inclusive education from some of the best schools in Accra, Dylan has had an unconventional education with his devoted mother home schooling him from the age of 8 and even setting up a school to ensure his social development and emotional intelligence were not compromised.

Despite his health challenges, Dylan wrote and passed his IGCSE at the British Council (Accra) as a private student in May 2017. Having identified a passion for drawing and computers, Dylan pursued a career in Graphic designing by enrolling at IPMC to study Graphic and Web design. He graduated from IPMC in October 2018, with a Professional Diploma in Graphic and Web designing.

Dylan enjoys working with children, being a child at heart himself. He has already authored 3 colour illustration books for children; and these are his new Quick Colour series.
It is Dylan’s hope that his story of immense challenge and accomplishment will encourage and inspire others not to give up on their dreams and that by God's grace it shall come to pass. Lastly it is Dylan’s desire that any child that uses this colour illustration will be as fulfilled as he was in creating it.