Prof. D. E. K. Amenumey was educated at the University College of Ghana, University of London and University of Manchester. He has lectured in Ghana, Uganda and in the USA.
He was the Head of the Department of History, University of Cape Coast, Ghana at various times between 1979 and 1998; Dean of the Faculty of Arts (1982-1986) and Dean of Graduate Studies (1995-1998)

He is the author of The Ewe in Colonial Times (Sedco), The Ewe Unification Movement: A Political History (Ghana Universities Press), Coming of Age of New Nations: The Case of Ghana (Ghana Universities Press), and Outstanding Ewes of the Twentieth Century (Woeli Publishing Services), and Challenges of Education in Ghana in the 21st Century (Woeli Publishing Services).

He is a full Professor at the University of Cape Coast.

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