REV. CHARLES AMARKWEI, PhD is a Lecturer of Systematic Theology and Ethics at the Trinity Theological Seminary, Legon. He is also an ordained Minister of the Pres-byterian Church of Ghana for over a decade. He has interest in interpreting the Christian III faith to Christians in our contemporary world in general. And, he has passion for interpreting the Christian faith in the context of Africa. This interest flows into issues that relate to overcoming the African predicament. Than the ethical challenges of Africa are also of great importance to him.
He is also an advocate of Science and Theology relations as well as the relation of multidimensional reality to Theology for fullness of life. Re, Charles Amarkwei, PhD is currently the Minister in Charge of the Calvary Congregation of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana at Ashaley Botwe. He is married to Harriet and they are blessed with three children.

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