Celestine Nudanu has blazed the trail again, exploring her passion for micro-poetry with yet another collection, Whispers of Dawn (A Book of Cherita). Cherita (a Malay word meaning story or tale) is the six-lined verse in which Celestine effortlessly and fearlessly weaves her magic, sharing her personal truths about love, betrayal, abuse, loss and ultimately of faith in her life. The first to publish Haiku (the Japanese short poetry form) in Ghana, Celestine’s first book, Haiku Rhapsodies won the Atukwei Okai Award for Best Poetry Book in 2017, under the Ghana Association of Writers Literary Awards.

Celestine Nudanu graduated from the University of Ghana, Legon, with a BA in English and Theatre Arts, and MA degree in International Affairs. Many of her works have appeared in renowned international Haiku and Cherita journals. Celestine is a member of the Ghana Association of Writers (GAW) and the United Haiku and Tanka Society (UHTS), USA.

  • HAIKU Rhapsodies (Verses from Ghana)

    Haiku as a genre is less known on the Ghanaian literary landscape. Against this background, the publication of Haiku Rhapsodies (verses from Ghana) by Celestine Nudanu is very timely and historic. Haiku Rhapsodies explores a field where no Ghanaian poet has ever published in hard print. Hence Celestine Nudanu’s work distinguishes her as a trailblazer among her contemporaries. And, most notably, Haiku Rhapsodies comes in at the opportune time to answer the world call for Haiku to be added to UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage.

    Haiku Rhapsodies is a finely structured book arranged under the following themes; Afriku, Nature, Haiku My Heart, the Divine and Death. Through these themes, Celestine Nudanu succeeds in transporting the reader into her world by creating animated, serene and yet powerful scenes. At the same time, the poet draws the reader into the complex yet fascinating phenomena of what life is all about; Love, Death, Spirituality and Life itself. The beauty lies in her skill of brevity as a haiku poet. She writes with elegance, using few words which like magic are enchanting, leaving the reader exhilarated and wanting more.

  • Whispers of Dawn: A Book of Cherita

    With Whispers of Dawn, A Book of Cherita, Celestine Nudanu lights up the torch for Africa as the first practitioner of the minimalist poetry form, the Cherita (a Malay word for story or tale created by ai li in 1997). The first ever Cherita collection to be published in Africa, Whispers of Dawn recounts Celestine’s personal story with sublime honesty, baring leaf by leaf, her disappointments, wishes, dreams etc. and boldly spilling out love betrayed and dreams deferred, often revealing to bare bones moments and situations where others would prefer to camouflage. Celestine writes with grace and exceptional poignancy, allowing the reader to ponder over her words and reflect on her story long after the pages have been closed on this collection.

    Please listen to her and you will never be the same again.

    Adjei Agyei-Baah
    Co-Founder, African Haiku Network and Co-Editor, The Mamba Journal

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