Asare Konadu is a well-known African writer. Born in 1932 at Asaman a small community in the Asante region of Ghana. Asare Konadu started work as a journalist at the Ghana News Agency until 1963 when he decided to set his own publishing business. He was the author of many books, two of which formed part of the African Writers Series (Ordained by the Oracle and A woman in her Prime). He also wrote under his pen name Kwabena Asare Bediako (K.A. Bediako).

  • Prejudice

    The story of the marriage of Mercy Owusu and her husband is told by one of Ghana’s humorous writers, Asare Konadu, under a pseudonym used for his light-hearted novels.

    A bestseller, Prejudice is one of the most starkly moving parables ever written of the forces that shape or mar many marriages of today – patience, determination, thoughtfulness, quarrels, nagging, relations with in-laws, etc.

    Beginning with a tiny incident between the couple, it ends by being as deep and as captivating as love itself.


  • Victims of Circumstance

    This is the story of an adventure, power, love and a desire for wealth.

    The story of a young village man in pursuit of happiness in a city uncertain in character.

    Asante had a very promising life as a city dweller selling essential items in small kiosks by the way side. When he decides it is time to marry, he abandons the trade in search of a ‘better life’.

    The story unfolds and the events that follow reveal the challenges of city life and travelling.

  • Shadow of Wealth

    This is a story of corruption, cheating, and power, maladministration and nepotism in high places; the story of a Managing Director of a public corporation who, in search of a young woman to entertain him, upsets the whole administration and turns discipline in the public corporation to satisfy her.

    It was first a show of wealth-spending from public funds. It led from over strained expectations via disappointed hopes then missed its destination leading to the hard realization that the young woman for whom he sacrificed his work did not love him.

    All the experiences are new and in the midst of corruption, maladministration, and cheating, she fights to get out of them and away from the woman who seeks to ruin her future-rare narrative power and authentic detail.

  • A Husband for Esi Ellua

    Dramatic and Haunting…this is the story of the consuming bravery of a man over whose love for a woman falls the shadow of imminent disaster.

    It is set in the Second World War in shattered Gold Coast (now Ghana) where husbands torn from their wives and children found themselves in places undreamt of only a few months before. Amid the gaiety and clatter of Army life, the man and woman play out dramas with perilous intensity to the final moment of disaster.

    Filled with brilliance and fascination.

  • The Wizard of Asamang

    In The Wizard of Asamang, Asare Konadu presents a lasting picture of Ghanian society in the rural area welded together by love, humored innocence and gaiety. The strange events and places in the hero’s young mind are recorded realistically combining inventive imagination with technical sills.
  • A Woman in Her Prime (African Writers Series, AWS40)

    A young woman makes that all-important rite of passage from adolescence to adulthood. However, her early adult life is marred by childlessness in a society that places a great premium on children and motherhood as the ultimate mark of womanhood.
  • Ordained by the Oracle (African Writers Series, AWS55)

    Boateng, a prosperous trader in Elmina, has the beginnings of disbelief in the old customs. His wife dies suddenly and he is put through forty days and forty nights of rituals. The conflicting strains of emotion on social behavior are vividly shown by this practised writer.
  • The ‘Coup’ Makers

    Engaging, moving, and very effective, this is the diary of a thirty seven year old widow whose record of the coups through thirty years of independence remains as fresh and immediate as when the author first experienced them. Usually frank, it represents a vivid and convincing picture of the day to day suffering of the people in coups and recaptures the grim atmosphere of the hard and bitter struggle.
  • The Return of the Falcon

    Drobonso stands at the crossroads. The paramountcy and the chief priest, custodian of the traditional and cultural customs of the state are entangled.

    The emerging Christian churches misconstrue the reasons for enactment and consolidation of these ancestral relics.

    In the ensuing struggle, the writer presents an exposition on the rather “Primitive” values of our tradition and the effect of modernization on our society.

    The narrator explores memories and engages the reader in dialogue.

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