Ms. Ama Lokko is an entrepreneur, trained by Empretec Ghana and the University of Pretoria (faculty of management sciences).
She is also a Protocol and Etiquette Consultant trained by the European School of Protocol, UK.
Ama has been generous in sharing her knowledge and expertise with many to improve their etiquette and good manners.
She has informally been educating children for the past 30 years.

  • Polished Manners

    Age Range: 10 years and above

    Polished Manners was born out of observing moral decadence in our society for the past 30 years.

    Polished Manners is a book on etiquette and manners for all ages. It is an A-Z guide to becoming a total person with a conduct worthy of the highest societal acceptance and respect.

    Polished Manners would help you build a better business relationship with your workers and clients. It would build better homes and better nations.


    Polished Manners


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