Akbar Hussain is the author of “Truth is a Flightless Bird”, a Kenya-based novel, which has been optioned for an eight-part television miniseries. Aki is also a successful entrepreneur, co-founding a financial technology start-up while living in Nairobi. He has common and civil law degrees from McGill Univesity. When not writing fiction or running the fintech, Aki can be found walking his labrador Lucy, with his partner and their three children.

  • Truth is a Flightless Bird

    Obama comes to Kenya!

    The American president’s historic visit to Nairobi is the electric backdrop to the story of a pastor, who plunges into the slums to rescue the woman he loves from the clutches of a Somali drug lord.

    But how deep can the pastor go, without destroying his faith, and himself?

    Truth is a Flightless Bird is a brutal love letter to the frontier town that is present-day Nairobi: a studied observation of the the failure of bare-knuckled capitalism, the inequality machines our cities have become, and – ultimately – the profoundly irrational human capacity to hope, to risk everything in order to have something in which to believe.

    With Truth is a Flightless Bird, Hussain establishes a remarkable voice, one truly his own.

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