Africa Ukoh is a Nigerian playwright, screenwriter and actor. His play 54 Silhouettes was the winner of the Stratford East/30 Nigeria House Award and was also first runner up for the BBC African Performance Competition. It was produced as a radio play for BBC before its Jos stage premiere in 2013 and publication with Origami Books in 2018. Most recently, 54 Silhouettes has been performed in October 2018 as a one-man show by Charles Etubiebi in Lagos and at NEAP Fest in Brazil, and will be once again at the 2019 Lagos Theatre Festival on 12-14 April. In 2018, his play Token Dead White Guy was shortlisted for the BBC International Radio Playwriting Competition.

Ukoh co-wrote, with Abba Makama, the film Green White Green, which had its international premiere at the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival and is currently available on Netflix. He has written a number of other screenplays that raise questions about ethnicity, class, and society in contemporary Nigeria.

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