• WriterPreneur: 25 Innovative Secrets to Generate Multiple Income Streams as a Writer


    Many writers have been in various forms of dilemmas when it comes to making use of their creativity to earn good money. There are many beliefs that a writer can only make money from authoring a book. Unknowingly however, there are other ways available to writers that rather generate even more than just writing and publishing a book. There is a great opportunity to earn good money by using writing as the foundation to solve people’s problems.

    It is not about accessibility which becomes the challenge to these creative secrets but rather the realization that such even exist. There are many accessible ways writers can position themselves to make good money either on fulltime or part time basis when explored and taken advantage of.

    This book is to help reveal many of these secrets, how and where to access them, and the ability to take advantage of them to realize their long-cherished dreams of becoming entrepreneurial writers. This will bring in multiple streams of income and will create that dream business for the writer.

    To the ‘newbies’ who are yet to begin the writing journey, this is more than a companion which will lead them to the ‘promise land’. Your writing journey is beginning in earnest and will propel you to greater heights with this material. You will not just write and publish but also build a conglomerate from your writing.

    The concepts outlined are easy to assimilate and will direct you to be able to get the most out of your writing. Prepare to be educated, provoked, and redirected to the right path on your writing journey.

    There are 25 innovative secrets yet to be explored by writers. Get this material and explore.



  • The Silver Spoon (Peggy Oppong Novel)


    Sekyiwaa is a product of a broken home characterised by hardships, heartaches and deprivation. When she receives an all-expenses covered scholarship to study medicine overseas, she sees this not only as the realisation of her life’s ambition but also as the gateway to a bright future. She is determined that nothing will come between her and the fulfilment of this dream.

    Sekyiwaa’s rich fiance, Jeremiah, is determined to marry before the completion of her eleven years of education and pursues this objective relentlessly using all resources available to him — his irresistible charm, time, energy and money — in his efforts to break her resolve.

  • The Phoenix of Love


    “The book The Phœnix of Love has been written… to answer the coyly defiant questions as to what love means and entails: Nature and activity of love, love of fellow creature, of God, of country, of social causes, self-love, dynamics of love…? Great and capable minds such as Thomas Aquinas, Erich Fromm, Jesuit Fr. Pedro Arrupe, C. S. Lewis and Irving Singer have, over the years, sought to unravel the meaning of the idea or concept of love, yet understanding love appears to be a discursive journey that is set to continue for a while longer…. The Phœnix of Love is, to my mind, one of the unimaginably giant steps in the unfolding discourse on the nature and activity of love and what it entails….

    The young, brilliant and gifted author Anthony Gyening-Yeboah ingeniously employs philosophical, theological, scientific, psychological and sociological ideas to present his understanding of the concept of love in an intellectual and conversational manner that illuminates as much as it enriches the concept of love and the activity of loving.”


    –Justice Yeboah, author of ‘The Alchemy of Social Justice’ & ‘Rights in Action’ 

  • Unravelling the Essentials of Health & Wealth


    Dr Essel combines his practical knowledge and skills in enlightening us all on ‘common’ but often not discussed topics affecting our health! And he adds simple and effective tips to remedy them as well! A must read and a copy of this book will surely keep the doctor away!!!! – Dr Albert Akpalu Consultant Neurologist, UGMS/KBTH/Albany Specialist Clinic

    Dr. Kojo Essel’s book Unravelling the Essentials of Health & Wealth is a welcome nugget to the literature on better living. Written in graspable and comprehendible form, the book is designed and destined to help the reader and the practitioner to live comfortably and also postpone death. Everyone needs a sound and healthy body to fulfill his/her God given assignment, this nugget Unravelling the Essentials of Health & Wealth is full of simple, practical steps to manage the spirit, soul and body to achieve that. In this insightful book of an experienced doctor, he enriches us with page after page of practical instructions about the fine elements of living better. It is easy to read and easy to apply. Go for the treasures. – Dr. Ebenezer Abboah Offei, Leader, Grace Evangelistic Team, Akropong-Akuapem

    Beautifully written, skillfully crafted, highly readable, very useful, recommended for homes, schools, libraries, offices and for all whose priority is to enjoy health, the book, Unravelling the Essentials of Health & Wealth authored by Dr. K. C. Essel is a must have and a must read. – Doris Adabasu Kuwornu, Vice President of Ghana Association of Writers (GAW) 

  • Thank You Lord!: He Inhabits our Praise


    Thank you Lord! To declare this on a sun-dappled meadow is within the ability of the feeblest of persons. But what of when turbulent currents rush across this pleasant landscape, bringing darkness and fear? Is God still good?

    Struck with a diagnosis of life-threatening organ disease, Adeline, found herself in whirlpools of pain, fear and perplexity. Clutching the wheel of her vessel, struggling to find direction and stay afloat in uncharted territory, the writer finds she has little control over events.

    At the end of this memoir, the reader will share the writer’s joy of discovery, her gratitude and love of the redeemed for the Redeemer, her trust of the sailor,  that her Captain will bring her safely through the torrents to the harbour of His love. The reader too, will surely declare in praise -Yes, Thank you Lord!

    This memoir has a place on every shelf and is of great value for everyone who seeks to find meaning in the ups and downs of life.

    Elizabeth-Irene Baitie Award Winning Author

  • The Unconventional Mother: How I Nurtured My Daughter with Disability into a Global Leader


    If you think you have seen it all, this is the book that makes you stop. No, you haven’t. The extent that a super hero of a mother goes to keep her daughter alive and functional would fire you up and revise your notes about this thing called life.

    Struck at birth by an unexpected combination of strange conditions, the life of a young girl was hanging in the balance from day one. The reader cannot help but be thrilled by how a mother – in the name of God – went to battle with and against science, eventually gifting to us a world-class professional.

    Sometimes a medical journal, sometimes a family drama, sometimes a life-and-death page-turner, the episodes in this book involve diverse experts, hospitals across several countries, unusual insights on health as well as a redeeming grace of the highest order. This roller coaster lifesaving journey fortifies your resolve in your own particular struggle. When you finish The Unconventional Mother, the phrase ‘it is possible’ will taste different in your mouth.

  • They Call Me Archie: Amazing Journey of Destiny



    There are some life stories you just cannot beat. Each time the names of such champions drop, one might as well perform a rite of acknowledgment…any. Their lives have graced hundreds of lives, and hundreds of lives continue to be redeemed through them. They have seen it all. Done it all. They love and they are loved. These individuals have given, and still have more in store.  According to the Canon of the Classics, these persons, even the gods envy.

    Rosina Aboagye Acheampong is one such mortal.  From the precocity of her childhood, her dance with life has been one amazing ball of faith … and chance, nay, destiny. These captivating pages reel out the adventures of a pathfinder, a mould breaker and a pacesetter. Yes, her name might be synonymous with Wesley Girls, but be it at the national or community level, to list what she has achieved is to embark on the impossible.

    Beautifully, however, Archie the Matriarch does not seem to see the power of her influence. She only wants to give thanks and praise.


    Not only does this book make interesting reading, it also gives deep insights into the author and her experiences as one of Ghana’s influential and foremost educationists. It is, undoubtedly, a must-read book! – John Agyekum Kufuor, former President of Ghana

    I am yet to hear of any group of students who passed through her hands…who do not remember her with utmost respect and affection. – Professor Ama Ata Aidoo

    As the Headmistress, she re-defined the role. Indeed, the personality she brought to the position is irreplaceable and iconic. – Ambassador Evelyn Anita Stokes

  • Nene Narh Sings : Soulful Praise – Audio CD


    Tracks in this album:

    1. I will just say Yes
    2. Mope ji Mawu
    3. Maja Mo
    4. My Heart will trust in You


  • Let My People Grow


    Let My People Grow was born out of the author’s engagements with hundreds of new converts and his experiences discipling and counseling Christians at different stages of their faith journey. The book is a call to growth to maturity in Christ. It presents the essential tools, principles, road map and motivation for the journey of spiritual growth. The book draws parallels with natural growth and points out biblical concepts that can be likened to certain important natural, biological and social processes in the human being that facilitate healthy development. At least twelve spiritual things necessary for a Christian’s growth are discussed by the author.

    The book is steeped in Scripture and contains several real-life stories. The reader will learn how to appropriate the rich resources in Christ to nourish the soul and spirit for growth into the image of Christ. The book is for every Christian, both young and old. It is also for the enquirer, seeking to understand the Christian faith and everyone who wants to know Jesus and walk with Him.

  • The Fourth John: Reign, Rejection & Rebound


    An influential northern caucus is secretly meeting and grooming him to contest the man who will select him as a vice presidential candidate. A meeting between the first lady and the Brong-Ahafo caucus results in, perhaps, the fastest ministerial reshuffle in the history of the country. At 2a.m., before the breaking of a major scandal, there is a meeting between the president’s friend and the investigative journalist about how to involve the main opposition leader, in the story to minimise its damage to the president in the upcoming election. The wife of the president reports the wife of the vice president to the vice president’s mother. The night before a crucial election, the president and his main contender are locked up in a meeting with Ghana’s most revered traditional ruler.

    These and other revealing accounts on governance, policies and programmes of the fourth presidency of Ghana’s Fourth Republic are the intriguing contents of this book. Here, the journalist whose investigations are believed to have contributed to the downfall of the administration gets brutally intimate with the regime.

    Rare interviews with key figures of the governing party and historical contexts to contemporary events provide readers and students of African politics the inside story of what is considered the model democracy on the continent. The fluidity of the writing style and humour make this book about politics and governance in Ghana’s Fourth Republic both informative, educative and entertaining.

  • Louisa


    Louisa’s dream of attending the best senior high school in the country materializes when she gains admission to St. Nicolas. Her assertiveness leads her into a confrontation with Paul, the class bully which nearly gets her killed.

    The events following this incident further portray the protagonist’s will to achieve her goals no matter what.


  • The Green Sunset (Peggy Oppong Novel)


    Her father deserted her when she was a baby and her mother, who scratched and scraped to put clothes on her back, was brutally murdered when she was a teenager. By the age of 21, Larley, the much sought-after beautiful lady, had it all – power, wealth, position and fame plus the one gift everyone coveted: Her ability to accurately foretell the future. This earns her several friends and foes.

    Larley predicts an unusual spectacle of green sunset and along with it a dramatic change in several people’s fortunes. The fulfillment of this prediction sets in motion a series of events, which leaves everyone gaping.

  • Consolidated Book: Everyday Values For Sunday School Children – Short Stories on 10 Values that Children Need to Grow into Responsible Adults


    Everyday Values for Sunday School Children is a collection of 10 short stories on 10 values that every growing Christian child should imbibe. Each story shows the involvement of Christian parents in inculcating values in their children. It is the prayer of the author that this book will be a blessing into every home it finds its way into.

  • Courtesy for Boys and Girls


    Age Range: 9 years and above

    Most of us were trained with this as a guidebook. Fundamental rules of courtesy for young people, rules on behaviour; much more needed today!

    This book is adapted from up-to-date fundamental rules of courtesy as they apply to young people of today and list for the guidance of parents and teachers 165 rules on a gracious refinement of behaviour.

  • Disguise: Masking What’s Beneath


    A hit man’s identity shrouded in secrecy. There are a number of killings in town; One man wants it all for himself, so he tried betraying his best friends he set-up a company with, in order to claim it.

    Mr. Kuipers’ nephew is murdered and the police believe it’s strongly linked to him, because he’s the powerful median titan in the country.

    But with the help of the police and Ken Kraken, they try to find out who badly wants their demise and later discover the shock of their lives.

    A thrilling novel to spark up your thoughts, a book intrigued and spun with unimaginable suspense that all readers are swept breathless from the beginning of the story to the end. Pure reading entertainment as good you’ll ever find.

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