Woodrow Wilson and Colonel House: A Personality Study (Used)

Woodrow Wilson’s presidential campaign in 1912 marked the beginning of a remarkable personal and political collaboration between Wilson and Colonel Edward M. House. The book traces the complexities of Wilson’s life and career along with his relationship with House, who for almost a decade was his closest behind-the-scenes advisor and confidant.

Through the early years of Wilson’s boyhood, his rise to prominence in the academic world, to the presidency of Princeton University and the governorship of New Jersey, the authors analyze the forces and events that shaped Wilson’s character and his actions in the political arena: Wilson’s first administration, his struggles with Congress, American participation in World War I, the Paris Peace Conference, the formation of the League of Nations, the battle with the Senate over the Versailles Peace Treaty, Wilson’s appeal to the nation, and the eventual collapse of his health and his great dream.


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