The Orphan Boy


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The Adaex Living Youth Junior series are story books by leading writers of stories for children.These stories are told in a captivating manner to help the youth enhance their self-esteem and life skills to resist temptations that may expose them to risk behaviour,which may lead them to contracting HIV/AIDS.These stories are drawn from the background of youth’s using characters they can identify with and experiences they are familiar with.

Children will find people in these stories whom they recognise. Many of these people are the same age as our primary school going children and live the kind of life that our children love or would like to live.They are attracted by the kind of things which attract our children and the experiences which they enjoy.

Robin Agena is a special boy,brilliant,hardworking and disciplined.After his parents die of Aids however,Agena gives in to peer pressure,and he changes for the worse.Only a miracle saves him from going down the same road as his parents.

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