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The Flesh of the Orchid

Carol Blandish was the voluptuous daughter of Miss Blandish, and only granddaughter of millionaire John Blandish. The trouble was that she had been conceived when her mother had been kidnapped and repeatedly raped by mentally degenerate Slim Grissom. Carol herself suffers from a split personality and has to be confined in a high security mental asylum. She is the only heiress to the Blandish millions, and all she has to do, to inherit the inheritance money, is to escape and stay out for fourteen days. But a whole lot of people are also after the Blandish fortune – and that means that they are after Carol. Once outside the asylum, she finds herself mixed up in a deadly hide-and-seek game of violence and sudden death. There is Roy Larson, who cannot keep his hands off her beautiful body; there are the Sullivans, professional killers, who’d rather have their hands on the money. And there is newspaperman, Phil Magarth and his girlfriend, Veda, well-meaning, but as greedy as they come….

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James Hadley Chase


Corgi Books


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