Students’ English Guide: Grammar and Literary Terms

This book is a result of real classroom challenges of children learning English, particularly post-phonics. Whilst students are able to grasp the essential rudiments of the language during phonics learning, it becomes obvious that there still remain gaps in their oral and written language.

Students’ English Guide: Grammar and Literary Terms is an attempt to fill in the gap to help equip students with the tools to produce their best written work, enabling them to integrate knowledge that they have gleaned from lessons and using appropriate techniques to elevate their work from ordinary to extraordinary.

“This book contains an adequate range of grammatical and literary terms, a knowledge of which is essential for understanding spoken and written English. The author of the book has a knack for reducing to clear these potentially confusing grammatical and literary terms. Appropriate examples that relate to the learner’s cultural context are used to explain and illustrate the terms. The book is an essential companion for students learning English in Primary and Secondary Schools throughout Africa and beyond.” – Prof. Dr. Adams Bodomo, Professor of Linguistics and Literature, Department of African Studies, University of Vienna, Austria

“This is a very well thought-through book, aimed at bringing a new resource to the hands of literacy teachers. This would be an excellent addition to any teacher’s toolkit, and a must-have for improving literacy and particularly creative writing.” – Louise Davidson, CEO, LJ Education Consultants

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Dr Pamela Abban Ohene-Djan


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