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My First 1000 Words

Words for animals, activities and occupations, the solar system, the human body and more, along with a descriptive picture, kindles the mind of a child to become aware, that all that he sees & experiences, can now be described with words, with which he can now express himself.

This book designed in thematic format helps develop the recognition skills of words belonging to each particular group e.g. Animals, Food, Transport etc. The colourful pictures are great for initiating Picture talks, Spotting differences, Learning opposites & many other related concepts.

It is impossible to move ahead without the usage of words to express, define, relate or even decipher all that we say and hear. It basically boils down to only ‘words’ at the end of the day. So, get started the tender mind, to begin taking the first step with these essential My First 1000 Words. My First 1000 Words therefore would be the stepping stone to the world of millions of words in the English Language.

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