Jolly English Comprehension for Junior High Schools

Under the new education reform, students are expected to speak and write English language with high knack. This book is one of the best in accomplishing this goal, because reading comprehension is crucial in the learning of English language. It makes the student use their receptive and productive skills efficiently.

A good number of students fail English examinations because they do not read enough materials written in English.  Apart from government supplied English textbooks, many students in JHS do not have access to any other reading comprehension book. Unfortunately, school English Readers are often not released to students to take home for the fear that they would either be ruined or stolen.

This is a Ghanaian based Supplementary Reader, which every JHS student has the opportunity to own. It contains twenty-four very interesting passages for a whole academic year’s reading task. Any JHS student who uses this book efficiently is bound to improve his/her English reading and writing skills tremendously.

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Justin Ekor


Justin Ekor


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