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Joan of Arc: Heavenly Warrior

Joan of Arc was born a French peasant who knew nothing of warfare. Yet she heard heavenly voices telling her that she alone could save her country in its war with England and restore Charles VII as the king of France. Deeply religious and remarkably courageous, Joan was devoted to her saints, her God, her king, and her people. And so she journeyed across the embattled countryside to fight for the future of France, risking capture and even death. She achieved great military success, both as a leader and as a warrior. Joan was ultimately captured, sold to the enemy, found guilty of heresy, and put to death in 1431. But twenty-five years later, the church overturned the verdict and finally in 1920 pronounced her Saint Joan of Arc. Today she is considered a national hero by French citizens and an inspiration to people of all nationalities and faiths.


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