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Hang No Clothes Here

Hang No Clothes Here is a tale a Nigerian policeman who gets thrown, unwittingly, into an international turf war between two major international drug cartels, battling to maintain footholds in the Nigerian environment and engaged in a bloody competition to maintain the Nigerian route for peddling narcotics to the European and Asian markets.

The story is set in Abuja in 2011 and is narrated by John Braimoh, an assistant superintendent of police, who becomes involved in a seemingly noble cause corruption case—the cover-up of the killing of five ostensibly deviant youths in Abuja, Nigeria, in which his closest friend and colleague, Dennis Omoruyi, and four other officers are deeply embroiled. The killings attract the attention of Nigeria’s human rights and civil society organisations.  John is summoned to testify before a panel of the most senior officers of the Nigeria Police Force, the Force Disciplinary Committee (FDC) which, bowing to pressure from civil society groups and the families of the youths, commences an investigation into the incident.

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Bolaji Olatunde


Parresia Publishers


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