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An Angel without the Aura

Ama is the only daughter and the youngest child among the three children of Mr. and Mrs. Henkel. Mr. Henkel was a young German serviceman sent to Togoland with other senior army officers to help consolidate and administer this territory on behalf of Germany. Ama was born long after the defeat of Germany in World War 1.

The defeat not only dealt a heavy blow to Germany and her territorial ambitions in Africa but its ripples, like an earth tremor, were also felt in the Henkel’s’ family. In An Angel without the Aura, Ama braves her way through the labyrinth of experiences in the crucible of life, under close parental care and guidance, her own goal-setting, faith in God and perseverance to achieve her ultimate goal.

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Ernest Emmanuel Branttie


Sedesel Publications


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Editorial Review

James Maxwell grew up in the scenic Bay of Islands, New Zealand, and was educated in Australia. Devouring fantasy and science-fiction classics from an early age, his love for books translated to a passion for writing, which he began at the age of eleven.

Inspired by the natural beauty around him but also by a strong interest in history, he decided in his twenties to see the world. He relocated to London and then to Thailand, Mexico, Austria, and Malta, developing a lifelong obsession with travel. It was while living in Thailand that he seriously took up writing again, producing his first full-length novel, Enchantress, the first of four titles in his internationally bestselling Evermen Saga.