Akan Personal Names

Available from 6 December 2021

“It is revealing how Sekyi-Baidoo employs elements of general linguistics – semantics, grammar and phonology – to discuss the ideas, patterns and practices behind the creation of names among the Akan: and he presents these aspects of linguistics in a way that makes them be able to speak to the linguist as well as other students of names.

But of these, the stunning aspect is the establishment of the conceptual basis of names, especially when it is often held that Akan names have generally lost their meaning.

The discussions are able to place the various aspects of the life of the Akan – the material culture, the conceptual culture, and religious or spiritual culture, the social culture, and the linguistic culture, with its concepts and meanings, lexical items, grammar, and phonology – within a singleĀ  interconnected functional system of the creation and allocation of personal names”.

Prof. John F. Wiredu, Department of English, University of Ghana


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