G is for Ghana (Hardcover)

Age Range: 5+ years

This ABC book is written with beautiful memories of Ghana in mind. I wanted to showcase the rich cultures in my native land and to relive the nostalgic feelings of my youth.

Ghana is a West African country nestled among Burkina Faso in the north, the Gulf of Guinea in the south, Togo in the east and Ivory Coast in the west. It is made up of an amazing blend of varied cultures and tribal influences, with great tribes such as the Dagombas, Frafras, Kusasis, Walas and the Gonjas from the north and the Ashantis, Akyems, Fantis, Ewes and the Gas in the south!

I hope this book does portray the beautiful and most friendly country, Ghana.


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Ghana: A Visitor’s Guide

Quite a few books have been written on Ghana as a preferred tourist destination. Why another? This book is not just another run of the mill tourist guide. This volume has introduced innovations and added more value to make the tourist’s stay in Ghana more worthwhile.

For example, it has given details (location addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses) of hotels and eating places in all the regions of Ghana. Furthermore, it has gone great lengths to explain the rich culture of Ghana to the visitor in a way that would increase the visitor’s understanding of Ghanaians as a people, even though they are made up of different ethnic groups.

Written in a simple but engaging style, this tourist guide would endear itself to the general reader as well as the intrepid visitor who wants to enjoy Ghana and drink deep the warm hospitality for which the people are famously noted.

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Ghana (Bradt Travel Guide) 7th Edition

Ghana is one of Africa’s most rewarding travel destinations. What it lacks in a ‘big name’ attraction is more than makes up for in sheer variety. Walk in the footsteps of elephants in the Mole National Park, marvel at Wa’s spectacular Sahelian mud mosques, take a dip below the gorgeous waterfalls of the eastern highlands, or simply hang out with the locals at one of the country’s ubiquitous ‘chop shops’.

Now in the seventh edition, Bradt’s Ghana covers everything from visa information to where to get the best red-red. Written by leading Africa expert Philip Briggs, it’s the most comprehensive guidebook available,and an essential companion for seasoned travelers and first time Africa visitors alike.

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