The Wise Still Hear the Birds: Poems from an African Soul

Africa has many stories to tell. Tales of love, pain, play and authentic fiery living. They hit you as you travel across the continent and encounter the utter beauty, often strained poverty and yet tenacious joy of perhaps the most expressive race in humanity. These poems were written while savoring the integrity and paradoxes of strength, weakness, pain, beauty, faith, hope and love experienced as an African treading through my home space and other spaces.

They will touch you as they bring engagement with issues that a contemporary African must constantly acknowledge. Issues such as the profiling of Africa in international news, living as a migrant, politics of corruption, and quite simply, the dance and simplicity of this place. Ever the romantic, the games and excitements of the most complex emotion have always been significant in my outlook. So I say ‘love is a strange color – all colors merge into it!’

The collection is an exploratory journey of words capturing life and loving in this joyous black skin.

Let’s enjoy!

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