The 5th Republic: Constitutional Reforms To Rescue, Resuscitate and Restore Ghana

In this book, Dr. Nii Amu Darko proposes an alternative to Ghana’s 4th Republic and offers prescriptions for thorough constitutional reform. Based on the tenet that the ills of our political excesses and economic stagnation are rooted in the shortcomings of the constitution, he slices Ghana’s 1992 Constitution apart and lays out a systematic blueprint for a new Constitution that would usher in Ghana’s 5th Republic.  With the ideas laid out in this book, Dr. Darko’s objective is to put the country on track for effective political reform and sustainable development. He addresses many issues and sectors of national interest for the “new Ghana”, including the Constitution, territories, citizenship, representation of the people, the Executive, legislature, judiciary, security and defence and chieftaincy.

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