Nancy Drew Ghost Stories

Age Range: 8 – 12 years

Ghost Stories

Manga Mayhem – Bess, George, and I go to Japan, where my dad is involved in a battle between two manga artists. When we get there, we discover skeletons in everyone’s closets! The question is…are they real?

America’s Got Terror – My friends and I spend a week in a haunted house for a new reality show. I’m convincved that the spookiness is just because of the special effects, until things start happening that even I can’t explain…

Visitor from Beyond – When a new girl comes to town, suspicious things start happening all over River Heights. It looks like someone wants me to solve a mystery – someone from beyond the grave!

Carnival of Fear – My friends and I are excited to go to the reopening of Funland Park, but when we get there, we discover something even scarier than the rides…

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