Nairobi Heat

A young and beautiful white woman is murdered in the US, and the prime suspect is former Rwandan school headmaster Joshua — a hero who had risked his life to save the innocent during Rwanda’s genocide. Ishmael, an African American detective, must investigate the case by plunging himself into Joshua’s past. He travels to Kenya, where Joshua once lived as a refugee, and finds himself unearthing his own African identity as he uncovers this violent crime.

Kenyan author Mukoma wa Ngugi’s debut novel is a gripping and hard-hitting detective thriller that questions race, identity and class.

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We, the Scarred

“Let me put it this way: returning what was stolen makes everyone see once again. The aggressor is no longer blinded by the guilt of theft and fear of revenge; and the aggrieved is no longer blinded by the constant need for revenge.”

When Kalumba gets The List from a mysterious soldier in Kwatee Republic, he and his friend Ogum set about warning their comrades to escape from possible arrest or murder by the lackeys of The Dictator. On the list is the fiery clergyman, Baba Ogum, who fails to heed the warning, little knowing that this time, the preacher’s collar will not save him.

Kalumba, also on The List, successfully escapes to the United States of America where he will eventually realise that the idea of ‘the land of the free’ is relative. Years later, The Dictator falls and Kalumba returns to Kwatee Republic where he reunites with his comrades. But he soon realises that the scars of exile are as real as of those who remained. And where did The List come from?

In the second Kwatee Republic, a battle of minds ensues and it becomes necessary for Kwateeans to answer whether truth and justice trump reconciliation in order to move a nation forward.

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