The Threefold Bond

Love and Marriage are subjects that have been explored for generations and still remain a mystery. Through the years, songs, films, proverbs and books have sought to unravel the secrets of love and marital happiness.

In their first book, The Threefold Bond, Myles and Selorm Hagan explore some of the most pertinent issues in marriage including the purpose and context of Christian marriage, what to consider in choosing a partner, the roles of the couple and the tricky ‘hot’ subject of romance, sex and marriage.

The book also examines the roles and functions of the couple in the marriage, provides insights into issues of selflessness, and service to each other, preparation for welcoming either biological or non-biological children into a fold of security, nurturing and values.

The Threefold Bond sets out and offers the base for anyone desiring to improve their marriage relationship or those about to enter. This book is a great tool for anyone who desires to know and live out the essentials of God’s plan for marriage.

Rev Ocran

Pastor & Executive Coach

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