Duma Says: Let’s Live! – Adventures During a Time of Covid-19

Age Range: 4 – 11 years

A collector’s item! All three books in one special volume! Now with a special introduction from author Nathi Ngubane and special advice for kids from Doctor Sam!

All proceeds donated to the Open Air School, Durban South Africa, for learners with special needs.

Book 1: Duma Says: Wash your hands and wear a Mask!

Synopsis: Duma says” is about the adventures of Duma, his sister Zihle and their friends, as they try to find their way during the coronavirus pandemic in South Africa.

Book 2: Duma Says: Let’s Learn!

Synopsis: With schools still closed because of the coronavirus, Duma, Zinhle and Wandile are bored at home. Wandile and Duma have played every game with Bhubusi and Zinhle has read all her story books. They miss school and all the things they learn and all the friends they see. But then Duma gets an idea: if they can’t go to school, why can’t the school come to them?

Book 3: Come, Let’s play!

Children in the community have been enjoying their classes with Zinhle and Lebo. It has lifted their spirits though Zinhle knows that all work and no play would make Duma a dull boy! But what could they play during a time of covid-19 that would keep them safe and healthy? And would they be able to keep their social distance? The children come up with a plan.

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