Fire from the North: The Origins, Growth, Development & Influence of Assemblies of Ghana, Ghana (Hardcover)

This book examines the origins, growth and development of the Assemblies of Ghana, Ghana and its influence on the Ghanaian society from the church’s inception in 1931 to 2014. It is the most comprehensiveĀ  and up-to-date scholarly work ever documented on the history, growth and influence of the Assemblies of God, Ghana. Tracing the origins of the Assemblies of God in Ghana, the author narrates thoroughly researched finding on how the church found her way from the United States of America to Ghana.

The book provides a well-researched discourse on the influence of the Assemblies of God on the Ghanaian society. This covers the domains of socio-economic, political, cultural and religious influences of the church, through its branches and agencies, on the larger society of Ghana.

As the first comprehensive historical study of one of the largest Pentecostal denominations in Ghana, it makes a significant contribution to an understanding of Pentecostalism in Ghana and, by extension, Africa.

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