A Portrait of Otumfuo Opoku Ware II – as a Young Man

A Portrait of Otumfuo Opoku Ware II as a Young Man is a personal account of the life of the Asantehene before he assumed office in 1970. It has evolved out of a long and intimate relationship between Otumfuo and the author, covering many hours of formal interviews and friendly chats, which together with access to family records and historians has formed the basis for this book.

The character of the Otumfuo, a detailed family pedigree, his school days, how he acquired his christian names – Matthew and Jacob, the prophecy made of his reign, the simple altar boy, the great affection shown him by Nana Prempeh I (on his return from Seychelles), to be continued by Otumfuo Sir Osei Agyeman Prempeh II are vividly portrayed. The book ends at the time of his becoming King.

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An Outline of Asante History: Part 1 (Third Edition)

“Half a loaf is better than none”, is a wise saying’ which is true with this book because, it does not give detailed history of Asante Nation but introduces readers to the History.
The main aim of the writer is to let readers know some fundamentals of Asante History without researching into many books.
The second problem the book seeks to solve is that of language. Most of the history books on Asante Nation are written in a language above the vocabulary of most of the people who are
expected to read them. They are thus discouraged from reading the books. This book therefore is the answer to their problem. The target group is the Junior Secondary School Students.
Therefore, anybody whose standard is of the JSS level or above can read the book with ease. Information contained in the book was gathered from books mentioned in the acknowledgement and from oral sources. Notes and revision questions are attached to give further explanations to some topics. Readers are advised to read through the notes referred to in each chapter and answer the questions attached to give more meaning to the chapter. By reading this book, readers will know the contribution each of the kings of Asante made towards the building of the
nation starting from the reign of Nana Osei Tutu, the founder of the nation, to the reign of Nana Opoku Ware II. This third edition contains an additional chapter on “Kumase, the Asante Capital”.

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An Outline of Asante History: Part 2 (Second Edition)

The Asante nation led by Kings, Queen Mothers, Chiefs, Sub-chiefs and Elders after defeating their tyrannical and callous overlords had finally settled in the middle belt of the country through perilous wars and migration. The settlement which boasts of fertile lands, precious minerals like gold, among other rich natural resources followed a unique glamorous and colourful historical antecedents dating as far back as AD 1695. The historical facts of the Asante nation has over six decades been encapsulated in variegated findings by several historians and writers leaving readers and the present generation in a glimmer of doubt about the true history of the Asante nation and its states.
Motivated by this backdrop, the author through a two – decade of research into the true history of the Asante nation and its states coupled with his long years of work experience as a curator in the Manhyia Palace Museum has produced this book for present and future generations. This book titled: ‘An Outline of Asante History Part 2 Volume 2’ which is the continuation of ‘An Outline of Asante History Part 2 Volume 1’by the same author tells the true history of the Asante nation and its states bereft of confusion.
The novelty of this book ‘An Outline of Asante History Part 2 Volume 2’ is portrayed in an innovative way in which the true history of the Asante nation and its states has been presented which is slightly different from the author’s previous volumes and that of other writers. The first part which covers three chapters gives an invaluable account on how their ancestors orchestrated their migration southwards and the sacrifices their Kings made to the extent of offering their own lives as sacrifice in their quest for victory, freedom and unity. This part also consists of the past and the present Asante’s Kings and Queen Mothers ( 1695 – 2016 ), their achievements and the wars fought in order to unite as a nation. All the paramount chiefs of the Asante nation owe
allegiance to his majesty the Asantehene who is the supreme King of the nation and occupies the Golden Stool in the Manhyia Palace. In that apart, some of the Palace Functionaries have been presented in this part as well as their duties and their line of inheritance.

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Around Ghana: Mmo Ne Yɔ Otumfuo Osei Tutu II (Souvenir Issue, 1999)

A collector’s item. A souvenir issue of the popular Around Ghana Magazine, to commemorate the installation of the Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu II. Published in 1999. With some memorable pictures of Barima Kwaku Dua (before and when he became Asantehene) and key Asante relics and symbols.


Front piece

The Making of Otumfuo Osei Tutu II

The Life and Times of Barima Kwaku Dua

A Bird’s Eye View of Modern Asante

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