• Bogus Informants…Nation Wreckers

    Bogus informants move round mongering to security persons, alarming information that has absolutely no merit. Our security persons, a good number of times, fall for this mischief and draw all sorts of faulty conclusions. These bogus informants sometimes make a living from such evil lies or simply use them to score cheap and very unfair points at their rivals or competitors.

    It is just like the days of the Young Pioneers when a spoilt child, who does not want to be disciplined, would simply go and whisper some outright lies against the parents and, voila, such an unfortunate parent gets trapped on the wrong side of Osagyefo.

    Truth be told, this act of deliberate misinformation is an act of terrorism not new to our socio-political setting. Kofi Bentum Quantson, a security intelligence expert who worked hard through the ranks to become Director of the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI), examines this threat to nation building in this popular book.

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  • Ghanaian Law of Copyright

    Andrew Amegatcher has been an authority on the law of copyright in Ghana for many years. This second edition of the Ghanaian Law of Copyright is not only an academic treatise on the law of copyright generally and as it applies in Ghana, but is an excellent tool for disseminating knowledge of copyright law.

    Since publication of the first edition a major piece of legislation, PNDC Law 110 1985 on Copyright has been replaced by another, the Copyright Act 2005, Act 690. The second edition includes new topics and a chapter on international copyright, including TRIPS, the Agreement on Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights.

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