• Shining Ever Brighter: From Nothing to Something

    Born into a family of seven children to two semi-literate parents, life was not perpetually smooth, but somewhat cushioned by the perks and safety net of her father’s employment ina multinational mining conglomerate. At age 14, her world was thrown into a free-falling spiral arising from the voluntary retrenchment taken by her father, throwing the family of 9 into an unforeseen instability and untold hardships over the next decade. With an unremitting desire for education and a deep faith in God instilled in them by their mother, Asantewaa and her six siblings fought to stay in school, find a suitable place to lay their head at night and food to put on the table.

    This is the story of Asantewaa’s journey from a life of poverty and need in Accra, Ghana all the way to the miracle of a scholarship to pursue a PhD in Canada. This is a story of hardship and persistence, of hunger and kindness, of disappointments and triumph, and an unending trust in God.

  • Africa to the Rest: From Mission Field to Mission Force (Again)

    Africa is the most Christian continent in the world today. This ground-breaking book celebrates this momentous occasion in world history while it traces God’s goodness to Africa in scripture and throughout history, clearly demonstrating that Africa and Africans have always been central to God’s missional purposes, not an afterthought. Since quantity and quality are not synonymous, Africa to the Rest unveils the teeming potentials as well as teething problems of African mission. This African lead in global Christianity is only going to increase into the foreseeable future, thus these projections call for preparation in order to produce the quantity and quality of African Christians who will be faithful carriers of the authentic gospel to all nations!

    The future of the global church is African, this book matters.

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