• Twi Kasa Mmara: A Twi Grammar

    A classic. First published in 1938

    CHRISTALLER’S Twi Grammar has long been out of print. Teachers and students of the language have always felt the need of a Grammar written in Twi, and this book is an attempt to supply that need. Much of the material in this book has been based on the works of H. N. Riis and J. G. Christaller.

    The introduction deals with the structure of the language and phonetics. The book is then divided into four parts; the first is a general introduction to the parts of speech, the second and third are more detailed study, and the fourth contains syntax. There are a number of appendices dealing with the classification of nouns, paradigms, punctuation, and specimen analyses. Some exercises have been included at the end of some topics to reinforce what has been discussed.

    The book is published with the approval of the Education Department and it is meant to be used as a teacher’s handbook in Twi-speaking Primary schools, Junior Schools and as a pupil’s book in Senior High Schools, Training Colleges and Secondary Schools.

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