• Networking Made Easy

    An easy-to-understand networking guide for startups and students.

    “Don’t let the ‘cuteness’ of this read fool you! Ama has wittingly loaded it with real-life anecdotes, pithy statements and practical tips about networking, that will revolutionize your life. Truly, ‘little hinges swing big doors.'” – Dr Yaw Perbi, Global CEO of The HuD Group, Montreal, Canada

    “Ama Duncan provides some golden nuggets to the art of networking. In an easy-to-read manner, with memorable examples and useful reflections, Ama manages to break down networking to its basic elements, making this important social skill accessible to even the most challenged networker. An enjoyable, short read.” – Dr Jemima Nunoo, Lecturer, Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration

    “A delightful guide full of important information on networking and it is good for those of us who want to leverage on networking and grow in our corporate lives and personal businesses. It is a must-read and I am confident you will learn something new.” – Chairman Stephen Essien, MD, ZEGHA Energy Ltd

  • Yarns of Inspiration I

    Yarns of Inspiration I is a compilation of short inspirational stories on subjects such as love, family, work, faith, friendship, quitting one’s job to enter entrepreneurship, dealing with fear, among others. In this book, Ama Duncan shares personal experiences as well as some thoughts on life’s issues and challenges.

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