• When God Lost an Election

    • Is leadership a problem in Africa? Perhaps! Is leadership the solution to the problems in Africa? Maybe, maybe not.
    • Is western-style democracy the cause Africa’s developmental challenges? Well, has dictatorship produced sustained development anywhere on the continent?
    • Do we need leaders who don’t care about losing elections? Ah! If a leader loses elections, with what mandate will they implement the good policies they have?
    • Is the voice of the people really the voice of God? Well, the people of Israel once asked God to make way for a human king.

    This seminal work by Terry Mante offers insightful perspectives on governance in Africa and presents a definitive blueprint for creating a functional governance framework for the transformation of the continent.

  • You Are Unstoppable: Reach Your Goals in Spite of Obstacles

    Rita Siaw faced various challenges growing up including taking responsibility for herself and her younger siblings at a tender age. In this book, she outlines her story of refusing to settle for “No” as an answer and being called a failure. She rose through multiple failure of examination, hardship and rejection to become an award-winning teacher, a Radio Show Host, Mandela Washington Fellow and Founder of Feminine Star Africa, a non-profit that provides skills training and scholarships for girls and support the re-entry of teen mothers to school.

    Through her painful experiences, she has developed life principles based on values such as perseverance, determination and sacrifice. She has shared, in this book, priceless life lessons to inspire and ginger young people to harness their inner power for greatness.

    Proceeds from the sales of this book goes into providing scholarships for girls to further their education.

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