• Adjovi

    Age: 12 years and above

    Despite being a Form One student poor Adjovi leads her village school to win the coveted first prize in both the Inter-School Debate Competition and in the Inter-District Drama & Culture Competition. But a night before the final competition in Accra which  will give her the Visa to visit the White House in America, Adjovi is arrested and taken to a  tro-kosi shrine to atone for the supposed crimes of her late father for the next twenty four years. Will she be able to escape from the shrine or from the hands of its uncompromising priests before her mandatory period of servitude to pursue her education and even to the highest level?


    ‘Written in very simple language, the book is interesting to read. It would serve as a guide to young adolescents and motivates them to air their views frankly without fear, instead of gleefully accepting conditions that are unfavourable for them… the story gives hope and enlightenment.’ 

    Rev. Prof. Philip Arthur Gborsong

    Head, Communication Studies, University of Cape Coast, Ghana



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