• Anowa

    Based on the old Ghanaian legend this is the story of a young women who decides, against her parents wishes, to marry the man she loves. After many trials and tribulations the couple amass a fortune, but Anowa realizes that something, somewhere is wrong.
    This edition of Ama Ata Aidoo’s well-known play has been specially developed for JSS pupils to use in preparation for BECE. It contains:
    • Complete text of the play
    • Introductory notes that develop pupils’ skills in literary criticism
    • Notes following each part of the play
    • Questions and activities
    • BECE exam-style questions covering the whole play



  • International Marketing and Export Management (5th Edition)

    “Albaum, Duerr and Strandskov offer a unique focus on export management. The comprehensive coverage provides a wealth of examples and cases with a good spread of academic and non-academic sources. The balance between theory and practice is just right. I highly recommend this text.” – Geraldine Cohen, Lecturer, School of Business and Marketing, Brunel University

    Looking to learn about marketing decisions and management processes needed to develop export operations either in a small to medium size business or in a global corporation? With changing opportunities and challenges in the global environment, International Marketing and Export Management 5th edition provides the most comprehensive and up-to-date coverage on the topic.

    “In my opinion Albaum, Duerr and Strandskov have written an excellent text book on the subject of International Marketing and students will find it both readable and extremely informative.” – David Demick, Senior Lecturer, School of Marketing, Enrepreneurship and Strategy, University of Ulster

    Geared to both undergraduate and postgraduate courses on International Marketing or Export Marketing/International Trade, this book can also be used as a supplementary text on International Business courses and as a useful source of reference to even the most experienced of practitioners.

    New to this edition!

    In response to recent global developments, the authors have increased emphasis on the following:

      • the impact of the Internet, World Wide Web, and e-commerce
      • the increasing use of specialized software to assist in managing marketing functions, increasing efficiency in logistics, and coordinating and controlling enterprises
      • the impact of technological advances on international marketing
      • the changes resulting from China’s rapid, export-led growth and from its entry into the World Trade Organization
      • the growing concerns with respect to social responsibility, and the costs of failure to meet societal expectations.

    Visit www.booksites.net/albaum to access valuable teaching tools, including an Instructor¿s Manual and Power Point Slides.

    Gerald Albaum is Research Professor at the Robert O. Anderson Schools of Management, University of New Mexico and Professor Emeritus of Marketing at the University of Oregon, USA. He is also Senior Research Fellow at the IC2 Institute, University of Texas, Austin, USA. He has been a visiting professor and scholar at universities in Canada, Denmark, New Zealand, Australia, Turkey, France, Finland and Hong Kong.

    Edwin Duerr is a Professor Emeritus of International Business at San Francisco State University, USA. He has been a visiting professor at universities in Japan, Brazil, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands and has extensive consulting business around the globe. Duerr is also Senior Editor of The Journal of International Business and Economy.

    Jesper Strandskov is a Professor of International Business at Aarhus School of Business, Denmark. He has been visiting professor at universities in the USA and Australia. He also acts as an international business consultant to several business companies and public institutions.

  • Intermediate Algebra (10th Edition)

    The Bittinger System for SuccessMake it Work for You!

    Building on its reputation for accurate content and a unified system of instruction, the Tenth Edition of the Bittinger paperback series integrates success-building study tools, innovative pedagogy, and a comprehensive instructional support package with time-tested teaching techniques.

  • Complex Variables with Applications (3rd edition)

    The third edition of this unique text remains accessible to students of engineering, physics and applied mathematics with varying mathematical backgrounds. Designed for a one or two-semester course in complex analysis, there is optional review material on elementary calculus.

    • Thorough coverage of applications and motivation of theory.
    • Accessible text with strong engineering applications.
    • A comprehensive solutions manual is available for professors, containing worked-out solutions to every problem in the book.
  • Molecular Biology of the Gene: International Edition, 6th Edition

    The classic textbook in molecular biology, updated with new chapters, new information, and new media.

    Completely up-to-date with the latest research advances, the Sixth Edition of James D. Watson’s classic text, Molecular Biology of the Gene retains the distinctive character of earlier editions that has made it the most widely used book in molecular biology. Twenty-two concise chapters, co-authored by six highly respected biologists, provide current, authoritative coverage of an exciting, fast-changing discipline.

    Two new chapters discuss the emerging research fields of Regulatory RNAs (Chapter 18) and Genomics and Systems Biology (Chapter 20), and give particular focus on RNAi, microRNAs, the opportunities offered by the new generation of genome technologies, and the elucidation of gene regulatory networks.

    Every chapter includes thorough content updates, and where relevant, the inclusion of medical insights that have emerged from our understanding of basic molecular biology, and references that direct students to explore the expanded companion website.

  • Management and Cost Accounting (Fourth Edition)

    This book contains:

    • Extensive new material on corporate strategy, performance evaluation, corporate governance and the network economy.
    • Many new unique examples of management accounting in real-world action.
    • Revamped references at the end of each chapter to reflect new literature and the latest thinking.
    • Richly illustrated with a striking full colour text design and photographs to further engage the reader, reinforcing the practical relevance of issues discussed.
    • In-depth unique European and Harvard Business School case studies. A mix of new and classic real-world cases that pull together themes and offer a broader perspective of how management accounting can be applied in a range of different contexts.
    • Extensive assessment material, including questions taken from past professional papers, allows students to consolidate learning and practise their exam technique. Questions are available for every chapter and are classified according to level of difficulty.
    • Concepts in Action and Surveys of Company Practice boxes allow students to appreciate how accounting techniques are put into practice by managers in the business environment.
  • Investments

    The chapters are very well written, and present even relatively difficult material in a concise and very clear way.

    Thore Johnson, Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration

    To some people, security markets are like casinos in which investing is based on predicting security prices and speculating that those predictions will come true. Investments is here to tell you otherwise.

    You could try to predict security prices by flipping a coin or reading a horoscope, but if you really want to become a better investor then you need a thorough understanding of securities, securities markets and investment strategies. That is exactly what this book provides.

    This topical introduction to investment in security markets discusses in detail the various ways in which you can minimise risk and maximise yields. One of the basic insights that you will obtain from reading this book is that good investments generally do not require forecasting skills. Rather, in many cases, good investments require the matching of the investments with the objectives and constraints of the investor.

    Key Features:

    • Up-to-date coverage of investment practice and academic research
    • Extensive coverage of e-commerce in investments
    • Many real-life case studies taken from recent newspaper articles, in particular the Financial Times
    • Extensive Review Questions and Answers, with additional questions and answers available online

    Investments is suitable for use by intermediate to advanced undergraduate students taking courses in investments as part of accounting, finance, economics and business studies degrees. It is also suitable for postgraduate students on MBA and other programmes covering investments.


  • Introduction to Abstract Algebra with Notes to the Future Teacher

    For courses in Abstract Algebra.

    Designed for future mathematics teachers as well as mathematics students who are not planning careers in secondary education, this text offers a traditional course in abstract algebra along with optional notes that connect its mathematical content to school mathematics. Elementary number theory and rings of polynomials are treated before group theory.  Prerequisites include some experience with proof.  (A brief appendix reviews certain basics of logic, proof, set theory, and functions.) Students should also have access to a Computer Algebra System (CAS), or a calculator with CAS capabilities


    • To the Teacher sections:

    –       Draw connections from the number theory or abstract algebra under consideration to secondary mathematics

    –       Help students make appropriate connections between the advanced mathematics they are learning and the secondary mathematics they may be teaching,

    • In the Classroom sections addressing classroom concerns in each chapter – Optional for the non-teacher.

    • From the Past sections in each chapter – Provide historical context; students experience historical thinking and technique.

    • Worksheets that outlines the framework of a topic in most chapters:

    –       Asks students to provide the details and exposition.

    –       Worksheets are suitable for group work and for development as student presentations in a capstone experience.

    • Examples in the text drawn from linear algebra – Can be omitted for students without that background.


    Table of Contents


    1. Topics in Number Theory

    2. Modular Arithmetic and Systems of Numbers

    3. Polynomials

    4. A First Look at Group Theory

    5. New Structures from Old

    6. Looking Forward and Back

  • Frank Wood’s Business Accounting Volume 2 (11th IFRS Edition)

    Every year, thousands of students rely on Frank Wood’s best-selling books to help them pass their accountancy exams.

    Business Accounting 2 is a rigorous introduction to some of the more advanced concepts in financial accounting. Here you will find coverage of:

      • Accounting for limited companies and groups
      • Special accounts
      • Financial analysis and accounting ratios
      • Issues in international financial reporting
      • Costing, budgeting and variance analysis
      • Planning, control and decision-making

    This new IFRS edition continues a tradition of meeting the changing needs of those studying financial accounting. Its accessible approach makes the book suitable for a wide variety of courses in accounting and business, both at secondary and tertiary level and for those studying for professional qualifications. The book also covers introductory aspects of management accounting, suitable for use at all levels up to and including professional foundation level courses and first-year degree courses.

    Classic Features:

      • Easy-to-follow explanations of contemporary accounting practice
      • Clear and logical progression through topics
      • Activities designed to reinforce the understanding of key concepts
      • Over 300 review questions, including past examination board questions
      • A comprehensive Companion Website at www.pearsoned.co.uk/wood including further self-test questions and accounting standards updates

    “The topics are addressed in the right order and the book is easy to navigate… The analysis both in company accounts and group accounts is one of its strengths and the examples, illustrations and activities are very helpful.” – Dr. Christos Grambovas, Manchester Business School, University of Manchester, UK

    “The explanation of consolidation accounting is very clear, and it is enriched with a relevant number of examples and cases. In comparison with other similar publications, I consider Business Accounting 2 strongly competitive.” – Dr. Patrizia Tettamanzi, Università Bocconi, Italy

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