• Reflections: 50 Lessons at 50

    Available on 25th April, 2024

    This is the story of a woman who after weathering life’s storms, not only found her true self but also a treasure at the end of her personal rainbow. The story is skillfully crafted as a compilation of lessons gained over the five decades of existence. It spans from her earliest days on earth, through her vibrant youth, to the challenging and gloomy periods when she navigated life’s intricacies on her path to becoming the person she is destined to be. You are certain to discover numerous valuable insights you can relate to from the pages of this masterpiece.

  • Leading Inside-Out: The Secret to True & Extraordinary Influence

    Every chapter closes with a practical guide and steps which calls the reader to action.

    Kwame Owusu-Boateng

    (CEO, Opportunity International Savings and Loans Ltd.)


    Emphasizes the significance of self-awareness, empathy, and integrity in fostering authentic connections with others.

    Arnold Parker

    CEO/Founder, Pesewa Rising


    Full of deep truths and insights, vignettes and practical exercises.

    Mike Ohene-Effah

    Co-Founder, LeadAfrique International


    Masterfully combines timeless principles with contemporary insights.

    James Kwesi Addison

    CEO/Founder, Addison International Center for Emotional Intelligence (AICEl)


    Takes you on a journey of knowledge, inspiration and commitment.

    Patrick Otieku-Boadu

    CEO, Spearhead Consult


  • The Great Revelation (Vol.1)

    THE GREAT REVELATION is the complete image of the [over] 1,900 detailed Bible lessons prepared by the author: It explicitly discusses all [major] theories pertaining to the Kingdom of God (Heaven and the Church), Revelation, Daniel, Biblical Prophecies, Biblical Eschatology (Preterism, Idealism, Historicism, and Futurism), the A.D 70

    Kingism, Methods of Bible Interpretation, etc.

    The book is meant to teach, instruct, inform, secure the Christian faith, and spread the true doctrine of Christ with respect to the subjects discussed, across the globe.

    It’s the prayer of the author that this book reaches every Christian and the world at large, to cling to the human heart and mind, soul and spirit -to prepare all saints for the revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ.



  • The Altar

    Understanding that altars have the power to speak in our lives gives believers the will to fight and remain firm in our walk with God. It is interesting to know that aside from altars that destroy destinies, the Bible highlights some good altars that were raised by men to activate and maintain covenants between themselves and God. This book highlights the power of altars and the need to build holy altars as Christians.

    The Altar

  • Woman, the Battle Lines are Drawn

    In a world filled with distractions and adversities, the call for Christian women to rise as empowered warriors is more profound than ever. This book is a compelling guide that emboldens women to embrace their God-given purpose, resist the subtle deceptions of

    Satan, and navigate life’s challenges with unwavering resolve.

    This book reveals the secret to unlocking your inner strength and finding your purpose in God’s grand design. As a woman, it is time to embrace your calling and embark on a transformative journey towards empowerment and spiritual fulfilment.

  • Millionaire Writer

    Takes us on a journey many have silently wished to gain guidance on.
    Kobby Kyei
    Blogger & Philanthropist


    A notch into the world of rediscovery where creativity meets monetary value.
    Ameyaw Debrah
    Ghanaian Entertainment & Lifestyle Blogger


    Revelations are twined with actions.
    Caleb Kudah
    Broadcast Journalist


    Provides valuable insights toward growth.
    Cwesi Oteng
    International Gospel Musician & Songwriter


    Treasure trove of wisdom and inspiration for those who are passionate about writing.
    Prince Akpah
    Founder- Avance Media


    Argues that all writers can benefit from the business side of their craft.
    Esther Wepia Kopiah
    Writer & Content Creator

  • Fundamentals to the Art of Winning (Pre-Order)

    Available from 18th September, 2023

    The purpose of this book is to throw light on the adoption and execution of basic universal and economic principles that can lead you to wealth, prosperity and freedom in simple terms that all can relate with.
    Fundamentals To The Art Of Winning offers a unique perspective on financial success and the quest for personal sovereignty. It challenges the conventional wisdom about the traditional paths to achieving financial independence and presents alternative real-world approaches that Gould fast-track your journey to financial success.
    The author presents you with a unique understanding of how you can use the power of your mind to manifest your dreams. Winning starts with a belief system that cultivates in you some ideals that allow you to take action in the direction of your personal purpose

  • Revenge from the African Jungle

    When killing others becomes a business, there is no stopping it. Such was the case of Bariki. He killed them without compassion. Out of their agony, he made abundant wealth and fame.

    The pain and the threat of being annihilated by just one man and his dog dominated their daily discourse.

    There seemed to be no survival in this vulnerable situation. Suddenly, the tides turned on one fateful day. They convened in their jungle and mapped out a deadly strategy. It was payback time; it was time for revenge.

    Can Bariki survive?

  • Names

    Adwoa (A-joa) comes home from school upset. Mom learns Adwoa’s name was mispronounced again, but this time in front of the entire school. Mom knows it is hard to say some names and even she, has struggled sometimes.

    Mom and Adwoa talk about what to do when someone says her name incorrectly. Thoughtful, kind people in the world will want to practice saying a name because behind that name is a real, breathing, living person.

    All proceeds will be donated to the R&F Foundation Ghana.


  • The Supreme Task of the Church

    As much as believers want to hearken to the Great Commission, we seem to shy away from this call. Restricted with limited resources on ways to approach, strategies to pursue, and how to win souls and make disciples of them, we let our generations down.

    This book is a great resource containing biblical, experiential, and practical knowledge that empowers every believer to fulfill the divine mandate to win souls. It answers frequently asked questions we encounter as we set out to obey God regarding this call.

  • Managing Distant Relationships: A Bite!

    Managing Distant Relationships: A Bite! is a book born out of the personal experience in distant relationships of the author. The author believes that, for the best result, follow the manufacturer’s instructions, where the manufacturer here is God. The book talks about the unpredictability of life, which in turn affects relationships, especially marriage.

    The book deals with the purpose of marriage as the Bible wants it and the new normal of today – distant relationship.

    Mark 10:9 reads, “What therefore the Lord has joined together, let no man separate”. This book is recommended for all people in relationships as it deals with the various forms of distant relationships, causes and effects, and the likely way out.

  • Marketing with Influencers: How SMEs can Maximise Sales

    From the traditional ways of marketing to new and emerging marketing methods, you’ve got all bases covered. But have you ever thought of leveraging influencers in your marketing strategy? Get into the now!

    Marketing with Influencers is a guide that will help you understand how combining influencer marketing strategies with other approaches gives you an edge over your competitors. This book covers everything from what influencers are, why they’re important to your business, and how to effectively reach them.

    Whether you are looking for ways to grow your brand or want to make data-driven decisions about your advertising spend, this book has answers for every question you might have about using influencers in your marketing strategy.

    In this technology fast-paced driven world, questions on how to use the internet for your advantage, more especially through brand influencers have been tackled in this book.

    If you have a start-up business, an SME, or a company, a read through this book is a cause to take action on moving your business to the next level using brand influencers.

  • The Wild Rose

    When Titiaka, an assertive tycoon, finally begins therapy to regain her lost memories, she is shocked by the daunting connection between her present and her past and is compelled to relive in torture. She struggles to cope with her rebellious sister, while fighting to save her business empire and family, at the expense of her own life.

    The Wild Rose

  • Sika Mpε Dede: Basic Financial Rules Everyone Should Know

    “A delightful guide full of relevant information to guide readers to financial freedom”.

    Paul Frimpong ,CGIA, ICCE                                                                                                       

    Chartered Economist & Global Head of Membership

    “A book to sharpen your money management skills, especially in these times”.

    Mimi Anane-Appiah

     Investor Education Lead                                                                   

    Axis Pensions Trust Ltd & Financial Coach, Investment Friend

    “The authors have meticulously brought to bear simple and easy-to-follow guides to financial independence”.

     –Portia Dzifa Amegayibor

    Operations Manager

    Role Model Africa

    “This book provides essential financial rules within the Ghanaian context that one can use to achieve their financial goals”.

    Genevieve Amevor

    Certified Professional Accountant (CPA), Certified Management Accountant (CMA) & Advisory Board Member- CFLE Africa


    ‘Sika Mpɛ Dede’ is very much recommended for us all!!!

    Daniel Ofori-Dankwa

    Executive Trainer & Consultant, Youth Counselor. President, Pro Patria Ltd & Advisory Board Member

    CFLE Africa

  • La Maitrise Du Digital

    “Je recommanderai ce livre à tout le monde.Ce livre contient une telle collection d’instructions et montre de voies éprouvées pour construire les marques personnelles et professionnelles.  Une œuvre d’art, simplement phénoménale”.  –Lilian Yvonne KARIKARI Esq -Avocate,Ghana

    “En tant que praticienne dans l’espace RH, je trouve ce livre comme un kit de départ qui me fournit le bon type d’information et d’éthique nécessaires pour rendre mes engagements sur les réseaux sociaux beaucoup plus rentables”.- Kokovi Rose Lawson-Balagbo, Assistante des Ressources Humaines, Togo

    “Pour les startups et les marques mondiales, c’est ce que nous attendions.Soyez au top de votre jeu, laissez ce chef-d’œuvre être votre dévotion”. – KEDOTE Elisabeth. Chef de projet, Benin

    “Je n’aurais pas pensé que lire un ouvrage sur le numérique pouvait être si captivant. L’auteur a su présenter des conseils pratiques adaptés à notre ère ajoutés à une touche d’humour ça et là”. –Dominique Ngoma Nkenzo , Congo

    “La réflexion sur la construction de la marque converge vers le numérique. Ce chef- d’œuvre vous fournit des indicateurs pertinents dont vous avez besoin pour valoriser votre marque personnelle et celle de votre entreprise  pour des résultats probants”. –  Cynthia Clive. Assistante de Direction Bilingue, Ghana

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