• Unstoppable: Do You Believe That Except God and You, No One Can Stop You? (Volume 1)

    It is a simple truism that God has made you Unstoppable. The Unstoppable persons are not thermometers but more of thermostats that do not allow their environment to control them instead they determine what goes on in their environment.  Though unstoppable, there are many stoppers, nonetheless, with the right mental attitude and principles, the Unstoppable prevails against all stoppers and eventually stands tall.

    In this book, we shall look at who is unstoppable, what makes you unstoppable, what the unstoppable does, the authority of the unstoppable, what are the stoppers, stopping the stoppers, how to remain unstoppable, and the blessings of being unstoppable.

  • Becoming All Things to All Men – Living as God’s Ambassador at All Times

    In this book, the author uses various episodes in his life as a basis of pointing young people to useful lessons of life interlaced to offer the reader an exciting prose. He uses sixty-eight (68) episodes carefully interwoven in fifteen (15) chapters to draw critical lessons for the reader.

    As they read this book, readers will be encouraged and challenged to take the necessary steps to enable them discover their purpose in this life. He uses vivid examples to strongly drive home various lessons he seeks to draw the attention of readers to enable them to rise above the storms of life. It is these that will help them pursue life in a manner that will enable them to leave an indelible mark in the sands of time. It is this that will give God the glory.

    In the end, the author alludes to the fact that even though giving the world the best one has, may never be enough, it is still important to give the world the best one has anyway. The book concludes giving the reader thought-provoking issues to ponder about the real essence of life!

  • The Benefits of Forgiveness: Emotional Refreshment, Renewal and Restoration

    Repentance and forgiveness are essential in facilitating an unconditional reconciliation. These primary ingredients hold better options to unearthing opportunities in dealing with conflicts, hatred, bitterness, and unforgiveness. “I am sorry” and “I forgive you” are but two gentle phrases to express our humility, soberness, and willingness to forgive each other. Each phrase contains the same number of words: three rather simple but powerful words that can transform and sustain every relationship.
    “The Benefits of Forgiveness: Emotional Refreshment, Renewal and Restoration” asserts that humanity must crave repentance, forgiveness, and reconciliation in dealing with conflicts that are plaguing our communities and relationships. The book underscores that there is “power, benefit, and joy” in forgiveness.

  • Building a 21st Century Church on the 1st Century Model (An Agenda for Generational Transformation)

    As Christian believers, we cannot remain comfortably seated in our church pews while still expecting a turn-around in the affairs of this world. We have been given an assignment to offer effective answers to deal with the challenges of this world. The role of the Church is thus to keep preparing us to be able to fulfil that assignment.

    This book presents the Church as the breeding ground for the ambassadors of Jesus the Christ to be used in reflecting God in every sphere of influence.

    We would realise that the people Jesus recruited and left behind effectively changed the history of their world for good. Unfortunately over time, the influence of Christians rather than increasing appear to have somewhat declined. This book therefore seeks to look at how far Christians have held on to the mandate since the days of the 1st Century Church.

    Eventually, as the Church effectively fulfils its purpose, this world would witness Christians exerting their influence much more forcefully in every sphere of life with principles of the kingdom of God in a way that ultimately glorify God the Father.

  • Kwame Nkrumah: Africa’s Man of the Millennium

    This book seeks to review various presentations made about the life of the man who led this country in her march towards independence and caught the imagination of the entire continent in the 1960s as he advocated and pushed the frontiers towards continental unity.

    The man at the centre of it all – Kwame Nkrumah – is captured in all his facets; his humble beginnings, studies abroad, his return home to work with the UGCC, his political agitations, tenure of office as Leader of Government Business, Prime Minister and President, his removal from office and the role played by internal and external forces, his days in exile, his death and other aspects of his life. These are all presented with a view to enable the reader learn some history as well as good lessons of life.

    Interestingly, though largely seen as the first universal African of the 19th Century, Kwame Nkrumah was actually a man of two halves; much loved and much hated all at the same time. How a single personality could be viewed in that manner is better appreciated by reading the book.

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