• In Scope: Integrated Science Practical Questions and Answers for Junior High Schools

    The difficulties encountered by students or candidates during Science Practicals  basically hatched the publication of this book. Candidates are asked during their BECE in Integrated Science to answer practical questions covering Chemistry, Physics, Agric and Biology.

    We have therefore taken the pain to assist candidates with this book entitled “Integrated Science Inscope Practical Q/A for JHS” The book consists of practical questions covering all 45 topics in the new Integrated Science Syllabus (2012).

    Additionally, what makes this book special over all other JHS Science Practical books is the fact that, it has over 400 objective questions selected from all topics in the Syllabus with answers to serve as quick revision for candidates preparing for their BECE. This book also has selected and solved past questions for reference work.

    Surely, any candidate who makes proper use of this book will come out with flying colours.

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