• Frank Wood’s Business Accounting Volume 1 (11th IFRS Edition)

    Every year, thousands of students rely on Frank Wood’s best-selling books to help them pass their accountancy exams.

    Business Accounting Volume 1 is the world’s best-selling textbook on book-keeping and accounting. Now in its eleventh edition, it has become the standard introductory text for accounting students and professionals alike.

    New to this edition:

    • Uses IFRS as its framework to explain key concepts and practice
    • Fully updated review questions for exam practice
    • Additional and updated worked examples for areas of difficulty
    • Expanded introduction to the language and history of accounting


    • Easy-to-follow explanations of contemporary accounting practice, including double entry book-keeping and the preparation of financial statements
    • Clear and logical progression through topics
    • Activities designed to reinforce your understanding of key concepts
    • Over 300 review questions, including past Examination Board questions
    • 100 multiple choice questions with answers
    • Regularly-updated companion website including further self-test questions and accounting standards updates

    Business Accounting Volume 1 is used on a wide variety of courses in accounting and business, both at secondary and tertiary level and for those studying for professional qualifications.

    “The book is very consistent in approach and level…the early chapters on double-entry book-keeping lay a solid foundation for all future studies in financial accounting” Penny Gardner, Napier University, Edinburgh

    “A benchmark for all accounting books” Sarah Knight, Finance Courses’ Co-ordinator, Huntingdonshire Regional College

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