• The Ones We Find

    Age Range: 15+ years
    Available from 11th October, 2023
    Something Happened Last Night…
    Five years ago, a chance meeting with Femi Uzoechi changed Marilyn’s life. Except for the part she keeps under lock and key in her house of cards. The line between her past and the one she wanted was long drawn in the sand. But all that changed on the eve of her wedding.
    When an urgent call drags Marilyn to work on her day off, a cryptic conversation with Femi leaves her with unanswered questions. ‘Something happened last night,’ he says.
    Hours later, Femi is dead.
    An accident? Suicide? Murder? The police see no foul play. Neither does Femi’s TV-famous widow. But Marilyn can’t shake off those haunting words. As she digs up the graves of Femi’s past in pursuit of the truth, the cracks in her own life begin to surface, threatening to send everything she’s built crumbling down. Every thread she unravels takes her a step closer to the scattered pieces of the girl she left behind, a crossroads she can no longer evade, and a killer with nothing to lose.

    The Ones We Find

  • Jungle Dance

    Jungle Dance is a euphemism for a myriad of issues, roles, relationships and routes. It is a picture of what the corporate world is – challenging but rewarding also. It captures feelings of despondency, rejection and confusion interlaced with the triumphs, friendships and love that two women experience in their corporate journeys.

    “Steeped in realism, yet fictional, emotional pet detached, almost biographical but not exactly that, a mishmash yet lucid – that’s what you get when you get an astute and observant corporate person doing a foray into fiction. You get real life drama in an imaginative narrative. Come let’s dance in this jungle of words.” – Nana Awere Damoah, Writer/Engineer

    “Petra takes on an uncommon theme like the corporate world and tells a story from the lenses of her own experiences. This is a fictional work that ends up being real, motivational and romantic!” – Ama Pratt, Broadcast Journalist

    “Riveting and gripping. A complete story about life in the corporate world and its vicissitudes — told with the sense of African love for family. A quintessential modern African story.” – Yaw Ofosu Larbi, Broadcast Journalist

    Jungle Dance


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