• The Mumfordians: Memories of a Sea Boy

    In one beautiful swoop, this book takes you to the nostalgic past and the aspirational future of an African nation still in the throes of defining self-determination. With the brilliance of powerful recalls, it dissects the socio-cultural as well as the political. It is one man’s journey from an idyllic African fishing village, through his self-improvement to become the executive secretary of a Pan-African body travelling several capitals of the world in the service of his employer.

    It is also a book about people − their history, their dreams and the ills they seem unable to decidedly confront. But what makes The Mumfordians a keepsake is its richness in national promise and communal nostalgia.

  • From Britain to Bokoor: The Ghanaian Musical Journey of John Collins

    Highlife, a popular West African genre, is easily the soundtrack to the life journey of the nation Ghana. And if there is one personality who has contributed the most to documenting it, it is Professor John Collins, a naturalized Ghanaian of British descent and a professor of music at the University of Ghana, Legon. Collins originally accompanied his parents to Ghana in 1952, when his father was setting up the philosophy department at the University of Ghana. Returning to Britain with his mother, Collins was educated in Bristol, Manchester and London, earning a science degree. He was also playing music and then he returned to Ghana in 1969 to study archaeology and sociology at the University of Ghana.

    Eventually he himself became an academic teaching and researching popular music. This book captures the life and music career of Collins. What makes him an enigma is his personal involvement on the road as a guitar playing member of concert party bands. His working relations with Fela, E.T. Mensah, Kofi Ghanaba, Victor Uwaifo, Prof. J. H. Kwabena Nketia and many legendary names in the music space of West Africa make him a legend in his own right. This is the story of a “white man” man who came to Africa to legitimize the place of highlife as consequential to world music

  • The Storm: Her Faith, Womaning & Writing

    Poetry emerged in the wake of this crucial point of my life— shedding off and learning a different perspective to life, building resilience despite the deliberate efforts of life to tear me down, and realising my full potential. An awakening of sleeping voices in my heart, of hidden strength in my bones, an unearthing of gifts I didn’t know I held in my hands. An awakening that birthed these words. — Perfect Koka

    The excitement of most journeys lies in the destination; but for some special journeys, the beauty lies in the journey itself. Perfect’s poetry anthology is a journal of many journeys through her evolution and growth. This is more than a book of poems. — Elsie Dickson

    It’s commendable how the consistency of the central theme is maintained throughout. It speaks of the focus of the writer’s journey. Overall, it’s the story the poet’s life, written from personal experiences, views on her journey of life and societal menace. The poems speak of her identities – and give flesh to these identities. You feel touch and interact with them as you move through the pages. It’s interesting experience reading through her writing, faith, and womaning. Great works — Ebenezer Kojo Sarfo (Eben Ace)

  • 5 Presidents, 8 Elections, 30 Years Later: How Ghanaians See Their Democracy

    Ghana’s Fourth Republic, a multiparty democracy, has seen five presidents, held eight successful elections and, as of this writing, is in its thirtieth year. This makes it unique in several ways, compared to previous attempts at multiparty democracy, in that it is the longest-lasting republic so far in the country’s post-independence history. It has outlived the first, second, and third republics combined by more than eighteen years.
    What explains this unique period and change in the political trajectory of Ghana? Why has the country’s most recent attempt at multiparty democracy lasted this long?
    Drawing on answers to questions in the Afrobarometer survey, administered nine times at periodic intervals between 1999 and 2022, this book describes in twenty themes and fifty-one observations, how Ghanaians see their democracy. The book covers themes such as trust in institutions, partisanship, support for democracy, governments handling of the policy priorities of Ghanaians, among many others. The book points out the key lessons of the last thirty and the challenges ahead in the country’s efforts to deepen democratic governance.

  • The African Country Fetu

    Originally written in Germany in the 1660s, this book is an assessment of an African society by a Danish missionary stationed in Fort Fredericksborg. Basing his ethnography on the ancient Kingdom of Fetu (roughly today’s Cape Coast and Elmina area), this White visitor who found himself in the land of the ‘heathen’ won their friendship and made interesting interpretation of the people, their culture and livelihood systems. Wilhem Johan Müller lived and interacted closely with the local people yet his cultural distance rendered some of his accounts absurd while others were …not too wrong.

    Fetu is a vintage document translated into English by a master linguist, Kari Dako.

  • Raising Effective Learners: Tips for Nurturing Academic Success

    Irrespective of their disposition or innate ability, every learner can develop the right skills and attitudes that can propel them to achieve high academic success. Raising Effective Learners: Tips for Nurturing Academic Success abounds with Dr. Gideon Sappor’s expertise and enthusiasm for seeing every learner achieve their possible best. This captivating book is organized into six chapters − each a gem, concerned with providing appropriate support to parents and carers who desire to support their children develop essentially authentic Self-Regulated Learning (SRL).
    Each strategy is packed with practical advice on the role of the parent and carer, and what they can do to support their child. Ultimately, this readable and well-organised book combines research-based evidence and clear, practical, and concise advice on how to harness the development of SRL skills in children.
    Raising Effective Learners: Tips for Nurturing Academic Success therefore serves to inspire, sensitise, and equip parents and carers with the real opportunities that foster the development of their children.

  • SeedTime: Selected Poems I

    In memory of all the Ancestral Voices who prepared the field for our SeedTime…

    SeedTime I brings together Selected Poems from Kofi Anyidoho’s first five collections, beginning in reverse order with poems from AncestralLogic & CaribbeanBlues (1993), A Harvest of Our Dreams (1984), EarthChild (1985), Elegy for the Revolution (1978), and BrainSurgery (1985). BrainSurgery, the earliest of these collections, was never published as a collection until it came out together with EarthChild (Woeli Publishing Services, 1985), even though several of the poems had appeared in various journals, magazines and anthologies.

    SeedTime: Selected Poems I is a backward glance to those magical years of birth waters flowing across a landscape filled at once with danger and hope, with dying and rebirth in the mystery and miracle of new beginnings so soon after countless brushfires. But the doubt returns again so close behind the hope as we offer trembling prayers in new poems from an old loom: See What They’ve Done To Our SunRise. Yet, somehow, we must open our minds and souls to the Forever Promise of New SeedTimes. This world cannot, must not crumble under our watch.

    “Quintessential Anyidoho…a harvest of the master craftman’s gems across time and space. SeedTime brings a refreshing newness to old songs, and, for new ones, a touch of creative genius we have come to associate with the poet’s pedigree; a timeless legacy of a poet-laureate, whose voice waxes even stronger in his twilight years.” − Mawuli Adjei, author, poet and literary scholar

    “A collection of haunting poems in which we SEE the turbulent variety of our history, and HEAR the English language teased to express the many rhythms of the African’s eternal homesickness.” − Prof. A. N. Mensah, Department of English, University of Ghana

  • The Enemy of the State and Other Stories

    Set in the fictional African country of Ghaspata, a country a bit too suspiciously like Ghana, these eleven short stories hinge on themes of identity, violence, love and cruelty, fear, desperation, and man’s search for happiness and meaning.

    Adolika Nenah Sowah’s quirky imagination produces an oddly familiar world, laced with bolts of striking new realities that the author weaves into her stories – a teacher strangled by the very trees whose branches he uses to cane children, and a mysterious okro plying the skies of Ghaspata.

    Compelling, ironic, bizarre, and immensely humorous, The Enemy of the State and Other Stories is sure to leave readers highly entertained.

  • Thank You Lord!: He Inhabits our Praise


    Thank you Lord! To declare this on a sun-dappled meadow is within the ability of the feeblest of persons. But what of when turbulent currents rush across this pleasant landscape, bringing darkness and fear? Is God still good?

    Struck with a diagnosis of life-threatening organ disease, Adeline, found herself in whirlpools of pain, fear and perplexity. Clutching the wheel of her vessel, struggling to find direction and stay afloat in uncharted territory, the writer finds she has little control over events.

    At the end of this memoir, the reader will share the writer’s joy of discovery, her gratitude and love of the redeemed for the Redeemer, her trust of the sailor,  that her Captain will bring her safely through the torrents to the harbour of His love. The reader too, will surely declare in praise -Yes, Thank you Lord!

    This memoir has a place on every shelf and is of great value for everyone who seeks to find meaning in the ups and downs of life.

    Elizabeth-Irene Baitie Award Winning Author

  • Augustine Kwasiga Younge: The Great Musician, Composer, Educator, Scouter and Counselor — The Pioneer in Revitalization and Africanization of the Catholic Liturgy and Mass in Ghana (Pre-Order)

    **Available from 20 June 2022

    When the Catholic Church realized the itching urge to inject more African Culture in her Christian worship to revitalize the Liturgy and Mass in the 1960s, Mr. A.K. Younge, alias “Master Younge,” in a solo effort revolutionized the Roman Catholic Church musical scene by initially replacing the “Old Latin Hymns” with traditional tunes accompanied by African musical instruments. As his determination persisted, he found himself in the greatest imbroglio as some church elders and musicians cast insinuations for what they believed to be anti-Christ (Catholic). With much encouragement from his dear wife Catherine Afiwor Younge and full support by the Papal See in Rome, Master Younge delved deeper. He came out with many compositions and innovations that provided the foundation that seemed to meet the aspirations and expectations of the awakened African Catholicism in Ghana and the Keta Diocese.

    If traditional African drums, bells, and rattles are heard in Catholic churches today in Ghana, we must, with all certainty and reverence, remember the efforts of Master Younge. He made it happen. His Era’s selected contemporaries also covered include: Adalbert Kodjo Mensah Tibu, Philip Gbeho, Emmanuel Gakpo Gadzekpo, Togbe Afiatsoa II: Mr. George Kwame Akordor, and Cornelius Kofi Doe-Williams (alias CK).

  • An Available Vessel for the Lord’s Pleasure

    An Available Vessel for the Lord’s Pleasure can best be described as the continuation of the book of The Acts of the Apostles in the Bible. It is a collection of over 60 powerful testimonies which demonstrate the power of the Holy Spirit in the life of a believer. The reader is sure to relate to more than one testimony shared in the book.

    It is an undeniable fact that this book was birthed under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Kuukua Maurice Ankrah tells us stories from her childhood, her career and her intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit. With each flip of the pages of this book, she makes you fall in love more and more with the third person of the God Head, the Holy Spirit. One is left in no doubt when reading the testimonies in An Available Vessel for the Lord’s Pleasure that the Holy Spirit is still at work in the lives of believers just as He was in the days of Paul the Apostle.

    Delve in and have an awesome encounter.

  • Guts and Grit: The Compelling and Inspirational Stories of Six Successful Ghanaian Entrepreneurs

    How can a nation address the menace of a growing number of unemployed youths? Why is the private business endeavour perceived largely as a big risk? What does it take for one to brave the storm and establish a flourishing enterprise? This book highlights the success stories of some of Ghana’s current entrepreneurs despite all the obstacles they have faced. Guts and Grit serves as a revelation to our public officials and the society at large towards a behavioural change in how private enterprises are seen, regarded and treated.

    The frank and engaging case studies provide the catalyst for dismantling the obstacles to achieving business success. The success stories so freely shared offer a source of inspiration and a springboard to the young people who would be willing to take up entrepreneurship.


    Guts and Grit is a book that chronicles the gut-wrenching stories of entrepreneurs who have braved significant odds to build viable businesses in a developing economy context.

    In choosing to write this book, Alex Banful, the author could not have made a better choice. The choice of entrepreneurship should not be surprising, given that there is at least four decades of scholarship to demonstrate that entrepreneurship, new business venturing, and the development of small and medium enterprises are crucial to Africa’s growth.

    Guts and Grit will soon become a leading cross-over entrepreneurship textbook that will be useful

    for executive training, undergraduate and postgraduate training programmes in Africa and other emerging economy contexts.” − Prof. Robert E. Hinson, Ph.D., DPhil.; Deputy Vice-Chancellor, University of Kigali, Rwanda

  • Unwavering Faith, Confident Patience

    Faith is the substance of the things we expect, or hope for, and is what the just are supposed to live by.

    The Word we believe produces faith in us. The mixture of these two forces becomes the fuel for the corresponding actions which provoke the manifestation of the supernatural in impossible situations.

    As he narrates this spellbinding and awesome account of how God delivered him from his deathbed, Charles uses real illustrations to encourage the believer to deploy their faith and take possession of their own inheritance of divine health.

  • Aluta Insomnia

    This book of reflections is about a Ghana boy who travels within his country and around the world, sharing the anecdotes graciously. Whether it is a visit to see the US President at the White House or a trip to an Ada village called Totimehkope, each story is down a memory lane that is paved with nuggets of wisdom. The work showcases the beauty of being alive to the moral and developmental happenings around us. The author’s capacity to smell and milk story ideas from the most mundane scenario is remarkable.

    A neurosurgeon by profession, his words cut and heal clinically in equal measure. Page after page, he operates as in the theatre − precise, penetrating, productive. If you love the brilliance of Ernest Hemingway and Ayi Kwei Armah, you will never stop reading Teddy Totimeh.

    Sometimes, you do not know what you did right to be rewarded with a priceless gem. Aluta Insomnia is one such gift!

    Aluta Insomnia

  • Secrets of Scandals

    It is not every day that one is transported into the social settings of 100 years ago. Add the intrigues of illicit affairs within inner family circles and one has in hand a historical high-society thriller that hooks the reader from page one. Set in the British colony of the Gold Coast, the novel drips with nostalgia and is richly flavoured with African customs of the Ga tradition.

    In the world of this fast-paced book, patriarchs run the family like a corporate. At the heart of affairs is how the professions and indigenous businesses tapped into colonial connections. Secrets of Scandals is an expedition into the genesis of how the nation’s movers and shakers built their national fortunes and brokered their private shame.

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