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  • Hope Lives Here

    Despite my dim musings, I found where hope lived, reached out for hope’s bright light, and wrote poems with magic to inspire people, to make the world kinder, to heal communities, and to unite people from diverse worlds. While writing, a flood of distinct emotions climbed me like a horse and stayed with me. I cried. I laughed. I smiled. I felt anger. I felt love. I felt peace in my soul. My heart was broken. I healed. 

    Hope Lives Here at its heart is about dreams. It is a collection of poems about passion, love, rejection, depression, poverty, self-doubt, possibilities, abuse, suicide, climate change, tolerance, politics, and power that shape human endeavours. Come to this book of poems with your heart and mind as we travel daringly across complex terrains of human realities without sidestepping. Hope Lives Here is inspiring, thought-provoking, and heart-warming.

    Hope Lives Here

  • Room 5005

    Media and TV personality Oheneyere Gifty Anti shares her 14-day mandatory quarantine experience. The book serves as an inspirational piece for individuals going through sudden and unexpected life changes.

    Room 5005

  • Broken But Beautiful

  • Fifty Nuggets @ 50

    Sharing priceless lessons, Fifty Nuggets @ 50 is a memoir documenting success, pain, betrayal, faith, fear and a fervent desire for the reader to find strength to live a purposeful life.

  • 12 Dates with Autism and the Holy Spirit

    This book is a collection of experiences and lessons that demonstrate that in an uncertain world we can still know that God is in control. The Bible assures us that because God cares for and suffers our pains with us, He will not fail in executing His promises of deliverance and a perfect life for us in the end.

    The narratives herein point to the need for an understanding and appreciation of scriptures in everyday situations. Believers can obey the scriptures as God’s reliable guidance for living by faith, and this book encourages all persons who by reason of certain physical and or psychological disabilities feel beaten down, weary and discouraged to know that they are not alone. There is assurance in the Bible and in the reality of living with the Holy Spirit, that you can weather the storm and move ahead with a smile of victory. This book will help you learn those lessons and live that life.

  • Let’s Talk Diabetes

    Diabetes education is integral in the management of diabetes. This handy book is packed with information needed by all diabetes patients, discussing diabetes, its complications and management.

    Using pictures and illustrations, diet, correct use of glucose meters, foot care, insulin storage and injection are explained amongst others. Finally, frequently asked questions are answered.

    Health workers who manage diabetes patients will also find this very book useful as it simplifies diabetes education.

    If you have diabetes, have a relative with diabetes, manage patients with diabetes or want to prevent diabetes, this book is for you.

  • Birthing Butler’s Bethlehem Beast

    Birthing Butler’s Bethlehem Beast features poems inspired by experiences, ideas, and pictures from life, love, faith, and time. Not unlike the narrative style of Streams of Consciousness, the author chooses to label her style as more consistent with Streams of Spiritedness. With an eclectic mix of the literal, the whimsical and the downright mystical, these poems will cause the reader to wonder during the process of reading, yet, the soul will find within itself, a place of recognition, moments of familiarity, and the eventual arrival at a point where all the different ideas, no matter how alien, fall into place beautifully and cohesively to form a complete and collective quilt of a melody of words. If anything, these poems are bound to mesmerize, challenge, and inspire more thought upon which the art of poetry can be enhanced and nuanced in beauty and complexity.

  • Rama’s Lemonade

    Rama’s Lemonade is a semi-autobiographical epistolary of how Rama navigates the challenges of singlehood, churning lemonade out of life’s bitter lemons.

    Rabiatu’s Rama’s Lemonade is a journey of life lessons. She travels back in time, via memories and experiences, but voices them through a future version of herself – Grandma Rama speaking to her granddaughter in a series of twelve letters. And that is the genius of this book. Rabiatu deals with complex family relationships, death, friendship, loss, work, society’s pressures surrounding marriage and having children.

    Running through Rama’s letters is the undeniable signature of personal faith. This faith is the kind that is forged in the fire of trials and testimonies. It’s gritty, vulnerable and resilient faith.

    Regardless of where the reader is in their journey, they’ll find very relatable lessons in this book.

    It’s a must read!

  • Moments & Memories: My Journey of Grace — An Autobiography

    Sharing our experiences in various ways helps us accept the lessons God has for us. These experiences go a long way to help those who read or hear them. I consider myself a beautiful piece of broken pottery put back together by God Almighty for a purpose.

    As an Adult, I realised that the challenges I had experienced as a teenager would prove very useful as I worked with young people. When I tell young people that there is nothing they are doing that I have not done before, they look at me with doubt, as if to say, “No, You are just saying that to make us feel better”.

    A successful life has within it good things as well as challenges, and the total outcome is based on how we allow the Lord to lead us. Many times we see the hand of God long after the outcome.

    This has been my life. This is my story. I hope you enjoy reading and learning from my Moments and Memories.

  • Sweet, Sour or Whatever

    I made a safe home for my very personal thoughts in a little book and I filled it whenever I had an urge. It was all pure from the deepest depths of my heart and the only external influences on my writing were the occurrences that prompted me to write. I never thought too deeply about them. They just flowed from the streams of my creativity, through my imagination to the tip of my pen.

  • Fynnba Nsem: A Treasury of Poems

    This Treasury contains forty (40) poems which were written to reflect our humanity. The poems take the readers through a contemplation of our earthly habitation and the profound value of what we possess, the beauty around us as well as within us, our potential, responsibilities, personality and human relations. They further solicit a lively introspection on the journey of our lives.

    The treasury also celebrates the lives of great men who have gone ahead of us, to spur us on to live out the greatness within us. Readers will definitely enjoy this book and will be inspired, motivated and challenged.

  • Letters to Nnaa Naama

    Letters to Nnaa Naama is a collection of the author’s experiences, thoughts, feelings and expectations during a 10-month stay in Cambridge, Massachusetts in the United States of America. In these letters, she takes the reader on an imaginary journey, focusing on aspects of the USA she thinks Ghana could learn from in order to be a prosperous nation.

    Nnaa Naama (Grandmother Naama) is the name of her maternal grandmother. The author uses her to represent the ordinary Ghanaian citizen. It is the hope of the author that this book will cause a transformation in the psyche of the Ghanaian, that the prosperity of this country lies in the hands of each and every Ghanaian citizen

  • The Wish List

    We all have wishes in life and sometimes we create fantasies about them. The Wish List is a collection of wishes and thoughts about People, Places, Society, Practices and Attitudes. It is aimed at shaping society. It is a compilation of articles on societal issues and some suggested solutions. Each story starts with “If I were”, with the writer putting herself in the position of an individual or a situation.

    It captures the thoughts of a sociologist, communications specialist and a development advocate.

    The Wish List

  • A Bit of Me

    A powerful, motivational and uplifting book by Oheneyere Gifty Anti. A Bit of Me inspires readers to be the best version of themselves.

    Oheneyere Gifty Anti, CEO of GDA Media shares nuggets about overcoming life’s struggles.

    “A Bit of Me is too much of somebody’s life on open display for everyone to benefit from. The greatest treasures on earth are the stories of people’s lives which they generously share to encourage, warn and bless others. Reading A Bit of Me will transform and translate you to a higher level. This book simply says if I am alive and moving, you can also make it.” — Rev. Eastwood Anaba

    Oheneyere is a multiple award-winning broadcast journalist and a well-respected motivational speaker in Africa and around the world. A proud product of Mfantsiman Girls Secondary School, she holds a Diploma in Journalism from the Ghana Institute of Journalism and a Masters Degree in International Journalism from City University, London. Oheneyere is the President and founder of the Girl in Need Foundation and the Awo Dansoa Reading Project. She is married to Nana Ansah Kwao IV, Chief of Akwamu Adumasa. She is a woman of crazy super faith.

    A Bit of Me

  • Equilibriumics: Discover The Genius And Optimize The Difference In You

    You cannot put something on nothing and expect it to stay there. The first responsibility of every human must be the quest to identify the SELF. Have you built a foundation that can stand the load of life, or you have built a life that can wave at the load? Do you know yourself and your purpose? What defines you? Are you living for something bigger than yourself?

    Achievement is a sublime feeling that deludes our yearning for more into a state of satisfaction. It is never enough to be content with where you are. That is mediocrity. However, the struggles of life swing us up and down, back and forth, daily. We fall and we rise. A mixed bag that never gets full. In all these, what is your focus? Do you chase credentials or holistic capacity?

    Change is the most common thing in nature. In every single day, something changes. The change could be instant as in the case of an earthquake, or gradual as in the case of the growth of a seed, or in the development of a foetus. But how do you deal with the ever-increasing challenges brought about by this monstrous friend called change?

    For answers to these and more…

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