• Mindset Revolution III: To Build the Africa We Want; Our Move

    *Lead time for delivery – 4 weeks

    This is the handbook to the most important key to unlocking Africa’s power? Mindset.

    Akosua Bame continues her popular Mindset Revolution series with this latest book, noting that everything that has ever been created began as a thought and thoughts are driven by mindsets. Without the right mindsets, Africa will remain caught up in this ever-vicious cycle of poverty and dependence on aid. In this book, the author seeks to empower her audience to play their part in resetting and rebuilding Africa, by sharing strategies for developing and embedding the seven mindsets that are necessary to realising the continent’s potential.

    Here she discusses a visionary mindset, an evolutionary mindset, a legacy mindset, a knowledge-seeking mindset, a wealth-creation mindset, an entrepreneurial mindset and a health mindset. Akosua declares that Africa has been a cocoon for far too long; it is time for the butterfly to emerge. For that to happen, the people of Africa must turn inward, change the way they think, and then take steps to transform the continent. It is time for a paradigm shift. It is time for Africa to stop apologetically seeking a voice on the global stage. It is time for Africa to stop seeking solutions to its socio-economic problems by looking externally.

    It is time for Africa to realise that the power and indeed the only way to transform comes from within. To build the Africa we want, to transform the continent, all it takes is this?


  • Mindset Revolution: Master Your Thoughts and Master Your Life

    *Lead time for delivery – 4 weeks

    Everything that has ever been created or achieved began as a thought. Living a life of destiny requires one to gain mastery over their thoughts through a process of harmonising their spirit, soul and body. This means change, which although a constant in life, can be challenging; changing a mind-set even more so.

    This book is aimed at giving readers, especially Africans, a different perspective of their circumstances. It challenges the subconscious beliefs they may have which may be holding them back from living their potential. Although set within an African context, the truths presented is the minimum daily dose of inspiration and life coaching anyone needs to kick start the revolution of their minds.

    Through a pragmatic, humour filled, conversational style, Akosua exposes truths, laws and secrets for living a ‘truly’ winning life. In here she shares:

    • Why the natural state is a life of abundance
    • Why having a vision and dreaming is important
    • How the ‘secret’ to living your potential lies in your thoughts
    • How to discover and become more of the REAL you

    Akosua says ‘come with an open mind, embrace the truths presented and you will begin to discover how gaining mastery over your thoughts can propel you into living your wildest dreams’.

  • The Side We Choose to See

    This book gives a breathtakingly vivid account of twelve stories of women who are incarcerated in Ghana, West Africa. The narration combines real life stories with a tinge of fiction to keep the reader continuously engaged to the point of falling off their seat, in shock. Each narration is unique with regards to the story line and draws out intricate details of how the crimes were perpetuated by the imprisoned women some of who still profess their innocence. Based on the stories beautifully narrated, relevant thoughts and lessons are drawn out based on the Author’s perspective. The reader is also given an opportunity to make judgements for themselves after immersing themselves into a particular story. The stories are different yet they are interwoven by one theme: Crime.
  • Chasing the Elephant Into the Bush: The Politics of Complacency

    Chasing the Elephant Into the Bush: The Politics of Complacency is an insider’s account of how the governing New Patriotic Party lost power in the closest elections in Africa’s history. The writer believes that providing an accurate account will begin the process of correcting the rumours, lies and myths that are out there about the 2008 elections in Ghana.

    Throughout, the book is liberally sprinkled with quotes and historical references that makes it very informative and interesting. He begins with the state of the nation and the governing party as Ghana approached 2008.

    He then takes the reader through the NPP primary and his own experiences as a losing candidate. There is candid discussion of the rivalries in the campaign that undermined its effectiveness. He takes the reader inside meetings and quotes some of the key players at key moments in the campaign.

    There is candid discussion of the roles of the media, the security forces and civil society. The identification of issues and their use in the campaign is discussed thoroughly. While his sympathies are never in doubt, he is very objective and acknowledges the mistakes made by the campaign, the government and the party. He credits the NDC Campaign for doing certain things well. Amongst these are the deployment of President Mills and former President Rawlings as well as Vice-President John Mahama.

    He reveals the roles of key people, including the President, the Presidential candidate and powerful groups, like the “Kyebi Mafia”. He offers candid assessments of all the key players. He suggests reasons for the NPP defeat and the way to recapture power.

    This will be a very significant first cut and reference point for an account of the 2008 Presidential and Parliamentary Elections in Ghana.

  • The Political History of Ghana (1950-2013): The Experience of a Non-Conformist – Pre-Order

    This book is an instructive historical record of the First Republic of Ghana and the triumphs and tribulations of successive governments since 1950. It reminds us of the struggle between Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah and his political opponents in the period preceding the achievement of political independence for Ghana, the events leading to his overthrow, and its impact on the course of Ghana’s history. It is perhaps the most comprehensive history to date of the Rawlings era, the establishment of the Fourth Republic, and the formation of the National Democratic Congress (NDC). The NDC came to eclipse the Convention People’s Party (CPP) as the rival of the Danquah-Busia tradition manifested in the United Gold Coast Convention (UGCC), the country’s oldest national political movement originally formed to pioneer the independence struggle but later eclipsed by the breakaway CPP. The UGCC has undergone several transformations since and today is represented by the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

    The book well documents the challenges facing independent Ghana, including those related to the growth of democracy nationwide and within political parties. The African liberation struggle, the drama of the Congo crisis of the 1960s, and the Liberian crisis of the 1990s are graphically re-enacted to highlight Ghana’s significant role in the events. It is perhaps the best account of the sacrifices Ghana and other ECOWAS countries, particularly Nigeria, made in returning peace to Liberia after a bitter civil war through the successful peacekeeping and peace-enforcement efforts of ECOWAS Monitoring Group (ECOMOG).

    The book sheds light on Dr. Obed Yao Asamoah’s evolution into a politician of no mean achievement during the creation of the Fourth Republic and as the longest serving Foreign Minister and Attorney-General and Minister of Justice Ghana has ever known, offices he held simultaneously between 1993 and 1997.

  • I Rise to Inspire

    I Rise to Inspire is a collection of poems that focus on themes related to love, marriage, perseverance, faith, and friendship.

    I Rise to Inspire will challenge you to persevere in your daily struggles, it will sooth and uplift you, bring a smile to your face and ignite hope in you daily. It is your story, my story our song and our Journey.

    The poems on perseverance convict readers that there is a staying power in every soul. Readers are, therefore, encouraged not to be content with mediocrity but to strive hard and transcend every negative situation that comes their way. Furthermore, men, women and children are called on to discover their unique potentials and roles in society and are inspired to answer to the call of duty in society when called on. Readers are also impressed on to love unconditionally and forgive.

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