• Dancing Sermons

    **Available from mid-February 2019**

    Vernon Sproxton describes Ah! Books as those that induce a fundamental change in the reader’s perception of things.

    Dancing Sermons is such a book. It will make you look upon familiar things as though seeing, feeling and understanding them for the first time. The message running through Dancing Sermons like a golden thread is that we human beings, in spite of our flaws are all special, unique, and loved deeply and intensely by God. This love is without strings. There is an elegant word which expresses this — grace.

    Dancing Sermons

  • Bless Me Father

    **Available from mid February 2019**

    Bless Me Father is the true story of an incredible South African life. Born into a violent and broken family, and growing up in a variety of institutions, Cape Town based poet and writer Mario d’Offizi tells his remarkable, often shocking and ultimately inspiring life adventure – one that spans several decades in a country undergoing radical change. From his tough days at Boys Town to wild years in the advertising world, a stint in the restaurant business and a sharp edged journalistic adventure in the DRC, d’Offizi tells his critically acclaimed story with the unfailing sensitivity and warmth of a true poet.

    Bless Me Father


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