Ernest Emmanuel Branttie

Ernest Emmanuel Branttie is a retired educationist of the Ghana Education Service. He taught for a number of years in the lower and secondary levels of education in the country.

He later trained at the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation as a broadcaster and worked with the same organisation as a Producer in the English Language Department. He became a Newsreader and kept to this schedule until he resigned from the services of the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation.

He left the country in pursuit of his original professional career by teaching in Secondary/Training Colleges outside Ghana. After his sojourn, he rejoined the Ghana Education Service and worked with the rank of education administrators, first at the District level and later at the Headquarters of the Ghana Education Service, where he served until retirement. Writing is his passion. "An Angel Without the Aura" is his first novel. He has also written "Heart to Heart-Treading the Narrow Way to Eternal Bliss."

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